We honor members, friends, visitors
Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Mercedes Garcia, our nursery provider, is back home after the first of two knee replacements. Baby Parker, ten months old, a friend of Traci Jones, has a brain tumor and needs prayers. Tessa Davis shared that she fears she is declining from cancer faster, and is getting to weak to attend church. She greatly appreciates the support she feels from us so keep sending our love to her. Nicole deLorimier is recovering very well after having received a stent while in San Diego. David Pitts was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis so please send him energy and healing love.
Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to: Jovan Thorn turned five on February 23rd, and shared birthday cake during Fellowship. Dozens of us celebrated Black History month with our neighbors at the 2nd Baptist Church on Baseline. Esme Halsted, youth member, President of Gilpin County Amnesty group went to San Diego for a conference, and thanks those who supported her trip.  Carina Denkenwolf, a pharmacist was chosen by corporate Walgreens to go to Boston for a week to open a new store. Jon Bond shares that the docuseries developed by Hay House from the book Radical Remissions by Dr. Kelly Turner was released  March 16th. Dr. Turner traveled around the world interviewing hundreds of people who have triumphed over various forms of cancer and other diseases including ALS and Multiple Sclerosis. One segment was released each day and played for 24 hours. Jon appeared in Kathryn Alexander’s (a former member), segment which was the last one, that was released on March 25th.
Random Thoughts: As I write this we are currently well at the Cole/Richards household, but like you life is not what we are enjoying or used to experiencing. Fred and Moi are having trouble accepting that we are in the “age group”!  We light our daily white candle for all of YOU, your loved ones, and everyone in the world. Our very large thanks for the UUCB staff who are keeping us connected via electronics. The first on-line service was enjoyable, and made us feel less alone — but I sure missed seeing my peeps. This is really hard for an extrovert. We are changing our internet service so will be “dark” for a few days, but continue to send E-mails, we will get to them after the delay. Again, its hard being an extrovert!
After my last trip to the gym, before they were closed, I headed to Big Daddy’s. As I walked up to the door I smelled what I thought was a skunk. Looking to my right I realized a man was smoking…he smiled and said, “would you like some marijuana”? I thanked him saying no thanks, but maybe he knows something I do not about getting through our new “normal” days.
With Love & Care,