Membership Matters, by Barb Richards – August 2016

We honor members, friends, & visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: Rebekka Struik who, as of July 3rd was in ICU after heart surgery. At that time, the prognosis was positive, but no visitors. Suzy Belmont asked that we keep her sister Maureen in our hearts, as she deals with her favorite pet dog, Bella’s, terminal illness. Every Sunday in July, we have been forced to acknowledge other cities, other communities with heavy hearts, because of the violence in our country; and in the world. The length of the list is becoming almost unbearable!

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to: Steve Todd who represented UUCB proudly by running for U.S. Congress. He ended with 1,314 votes, which represents votes in 8 of the 10 counties in District 2. Of course since much of the campaign happened in Boulder, his totals there were the highest. He received just shy of 6% on the Boulder County vote. This was the highest “losing percentage” in the history of our county! Sally DuGar surprised us, and herself, by showing up on the first day of the UUA General Assembly in Columbus OH. She is an Ohio native so the decision was easy, although last minute, as she still has relatives living there.

Random Thoughts: As there have not been many Blessings and Concerns this month I will share my letter to the Daily Camera (12 July 2016) about sharing my religious values. Rev. Dignan has indicated we need to let “our little light(s) shine”! Kelly built her “Charge to the People” at Rev. Diana McLean’s Ordination around a question asked by one of our recent newcomers… “Why are Unitarian Universalists so hard to find?” Also, we wished Diana “All good speed” as she and Aidan make their move to New Hampshire.

Community — Prairie dogs and Buses

It is very hard today for me to know that in our country black people and police officers are being killed, and that we are concerned about our prairie dog population. My religion, Unitarian Universalist, respects all things living, but for me personally human life still beats animals. Before you attack me — I am not anti-animal — we have two living in our home.

My second concern is the lack of direction at Table Mesa Park-N-Ride on how to find and get across the bridge to the “regular buses.” We had this experience ourselves, and recently while waiting to go to the airport. A young couple, without luggage, looked very confused. When asked what they needed, we directed them to the bridge. The lack of information does not make for good customer service, which is about all we have left.”

With Love & Care, Barb