Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, visitors
Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: Alan Davis and family on the loss of their and our beloved Tessa Davis who died April 27th. We celebrated her life, via Zoom, on Saturday, May 23, 2020. We look forward to the day we can honor her in person. The family of Char Porter, former member, who died in April. Dave Pitts who is living with Pulmonary Fibrous for which there is no cure. Janet Salmon’s daughter has recovered from COVID19.  Pam Leland’s friend Zoe died from COVID19. Tom Denkenwolf reported that Carina is mostly recovered after two very rough weeks, and being “kinda sick” for several preceding weeks, from COVID19. She is back at work, as a pharmacist, and it was great seeing her via Zoom on Sunday, May 31st. Tanya & Doug Wojcik, former members living in Illinois, have been joining us via Zoom which has been great. Her elderly Dad who they care for has COVID19.  James Thomas expressed concern for his Texas brother. Trish concerned for her son, Eric. Meredith Hoffman’s cousin who died. Ed, Amy and Elias Self on the death last month of his mother, Margaret age 93, who had moved to Boulder, and was living at Manor Care. Marko Dejon sent love & sympathy to Bill in Detroit. Debra Hammond who asked for healing love for her father who had a stroke in New Jersey. Bill Belew was concerned for Alssiya & Ricker. Martha Bushnell fell at Balfour and broke her hip, but is back in her apartment from rehab. Paula Thomas was concerned for her brother Daniel, but he is recovering from open heart surgery in Missouri. Tim Bailey’s brother Roger, died last month after a long illness. Ed Schmahl had gall bladder surgery and is recovering well under the care of nurse Beth! Meredith Hoffman’s hometown in Michigan was flooded. Barbara Molfese and her 100 year old Aunt Ann Erickson celebrated honoring their deceased relatives in MA, as they do every year on Memorial Day, but this time it was on Zoom. Blessings & concerns from Chris & Tom Zanoni to the Townes, Steve & Jack. Burton Lee’s mother received a pacemaker. Liz Marasco, a friend’s brother was hit by a car and is in ICU.
Many have COVID19 stories of illness and lives interrupted, but the one from Mary Dineen & Sue Masterson I found different. Son, Evan was in northern Italy during the shutdown, as a Rotary exchange student. At the end of the year all of the students living in Europe were to meet and tour Europe together for two weeks. Cancelled. Evan did return home safely and healthy late May; still facing a two week quarantine. Older brother Elliot was to do next semester abroad from The University of Denver. That too was cancelled.
Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to: Whitney Wheeless & Jim Rowe who celebrated their 20th anniversary on May 27th. Judith King’s cousins daughter adopted a baby boy named Xander. Chris & Tom Zanoni’s grandson graduated from LSU. Laurel Seppala-Etra has been called back to work at the downtown Boulder Library. A very good sign. Happy Birthday wishes to Will Kropp on May 31st. Diana Maiden’s sister and brother-in-law got together after ten weeks of distancing. They met on her lovely back deck. Rev. Posa announced to the congregation that he has been called to the UU Church of Baton Rouge, La where he did his internship. Good luck to he & Suzi in their next placement where altitude will no longer be an issue. Special thanks go to Toni Piwonka-Corle for her years on the Board, as she retires as Past President, and to Will Kropp as he leaves the Board of Directors to devote his efforts on the Search Committee. Michael Dryburgh’s  daughter Adriana graduated from high school last month.
Drum roll and a special shout out to our UUCB High School Seniors. Needless to say you will never forget your graduation story. Congratulations and we are very proud of all of YOU:
Kian Highland graduated from New Vista and next is Colorado Mesa University
Andrew Kydic graduated from Boulder High and next is CU Boulder – Leeds School of Business
Evan Masterson graduated from Fairview High and next is the University of Denver
Eliot Rowe graduated from Boulder High and next is Case Western Reserve University
Random Thoughts: Two items to share from Fred during our stay-at-home life. He took up a new hobby “growing hair” (he got very good at it!), but we got haircuts on May 29th, and I’m guessing, or hoping, the beard will be gone by June 14th when he is worship Leader for Rev. Posa’s last Sunday. Quite fitting as he was his worship leader for Eric’s first Sunday, last July. The second is that the Cole/Richards complex was without an Internet connection for almost 3 weeks. We were supposed to be switched over, the weekend of March 20th-23rd; and the accumulating delays took us until May 12th. In this “Zoomie” world, that is the Ultimate in social distancing!
Hearing about the budget and Share our Plate at the Congregational Meeting reminded me that every month Fred makes out a separate check for the amount he would put in the plate. This is in addition to his Quarterly Pledge.  Just a thought for you to ponder (also its a record for the IRS).
My best friend since Kindergarten and her husband live in Louisville KY. We have remained close through all these years. Both are very creative folk, he a former art director at an ad agency, and she among many other talents helps create the Rose Blanket for the KY Derby (hence “Run for the Roses”). Recently she sewed 100 masks for medical responders in her community.
During our new life, Elinor sent me an email which said… “Jerry has decided we need to think more broadly about our surroundings. Thus, he renamed the living room the Library, the kitchen the Coffee Shop, the dining room the Restaurant, the family room the Movie Theater, the garage the Auto Zone, and the bathroom the Dumpster! But then he thought I was taking things too far, when I told him I was going ON VACATION — to the Post Office!”
With Love, Care & Hugs,