Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, visitors
Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: Chris & Tom Zanoni’s friend Chick who had surgery. Cathy Edwards’ daughter lost her cat recently. Holly Brown said that husband Dave is recovering from brain surgery and is struggling at times. Barbara Molfese is on the road back from an unfortunate health journey.  She was given medicine for rheumatoid arthritis which did cure the pain, but then the medicine also caused a blood clot in her lungs. She ended up in the ICU because of shortness of breath, but is now home regaining her strength, and feeling better each day. Margaret Gelatt had a procedure to correct a mitral valve problem, and is recovering well. Mary Friedrichs came up positive for COVID19, but recovered easily and swiftly. She was tested on July 7th and did not get the results until July 14th. We honored the passing of Congressman John Lewis and Rev. C. T. Vivian, two important men in our history that we are sad to lose. We are sending prayers, energy & love to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Rosemary Lohndorf and family on the recent death of her father-in-law.  Amy Self’s sister is ill in Texas, without health insurance.  o Betty Brown, a member from our past, and family on the death of her daughter Lisa Kelley Gleason who died of cancer at age 54. Fred and I remember her as Kelly Brown as she was one of our “kids” from her Ninth Grade Trip. Her obituary mentions that her brother Evan preceded her in death. He too was one of “ours”. Her brother Tucker Brown is still alive and we went down the road with all three of the Brown siblings.
Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to: Nina Peterson is grateful for the job offers her son, Kjell has received, during this Zoom era. Ali Burgess sent blessings to Gramps & Grandma Schroder. Peter Kudson got a birthday card from his one year old first grandson. Eliot Rowe did have a graduation ceremony at Boulder High on July 20th. Sharon Larocque’s daughter saved a baby hawk. Dan Thomas’ two darling young nieces from New York were in Colorado for a month. Lillian Valenzuela’s family visited from Ohio. Ginny Wight turned 94 on July 19th. She currently is staying with her daughter & family (as Golden West was too restrictive for our energizer bunny). She also has a spot on her lung and will be receiving radiation for that. We wish you well. Steve & Heidi Todd had a bear visit them recently. Kate Weinstein’s son Josh is back in Boulder after being away for six months. Former members, Laura Upham Gerber & Aaron Gerber are expecting their first child on August 20th. After 8 months on disability leave, Kendall Richards (also born Aug. 20th) has finally been cleared by her doctor, and by Albertsons to return to work as a manager at the Meadows Safeway. Her “90 year old neck” has improved after injections and weekly PT, which will continue!
Special welcome to New Members: Candice & Martha Bautista-Biddle, and their darling dog, Theo, Christy, Dan & daughter Zadie Feehan, Gary Hines, Kim Kapustka, Martha Ketelle, and Kerri Wingert whose daughter Marie, we also see on Sunday mornings. This was our first on-line Membership joining and the Connection Ministry team presented a spiritual, meaningful Sunday morning service, including videos of the new members — if you missed this service check it out.  Some of the new members have never set foot in our building, and yet they are all now on board joining us as we move forward. We are so pleased that all of you chose UUCB!
Random Thoughts: To you “techie” folk, the evening that we had seen Rev. Petr Samojsky, the Unitarian minister in Prague speak at “church” to us 60 minutes aired a story that fit in with his music. It is called The Lost Music, Sunday June 7, 2020 at 7 p.m. (an additional story beyond the regular 6-7 weekly show). An Italian composer/pianist who converted to Judaism has made it his mission to recover, catalog, and perform music written during the Holocaust including works done secretly by prisoners in Nazi prison camps. We were hoping that there might be a piece of Norbert Chapek music in the segment, but there was not. Some of the photo’s we did see earlier in the day.
If you are following the re-naming of the Stapleton neighborhood, in Denver, I have a personal connection to one of the choices — Mosley.  John & Edna Mosley were members with me at First Unitarian Society in Denver during the sixties, where I first became a UU. I taught their sons in the Religious Education program.  John, Edna, my first husband, and I, served together on the Point of Pines Board. Point of Pines is now the Presbyterian Camp where we have our bi-annual mountain retreat. I have told the story about the camp here, before.
And finally, our computer was hacked last month, and I know many of you received the request for iTune cards. Turns out it was a blessing, as well. I heard from twenty four friends and family from near and far. Some I had not talked to, for ten years. I also received great email messages from ten additional people.  Unfortunately, two weeks later Fred’s address file was also hacked; by the same scammer. This time, Fred knew just what to do, to get things corrected quickly.
Stay Well, Stay Safe —
With Love & Care,
Everyone — If you have been “sitting out” from our Zoom services, lately, you have been missing some excellent experiences.  Our Worship Team is becoming more, and more creative each week.  You need to check it out!……………Luffies, Barb