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We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: Thad Martin was dealing with non-COVID issues with his parents in Seattle. Barbara Molfese continues to improve each day, and attended an outside, social distancing meeting last month. One of the CU twins, Betty Hoover, died last month at age 95. Rev. Randy Spalding shared that his Aunt Eleanor has COVID.  Steve & Heidi Todd’s daughter is a caregiver, working in a COVID unit. Kerri Wingert’s mother had surgery last month. Michael King is missing his former colleague Koni Steffan. Peter Rousmaniere’s daughter Laura & Tony are going through a divorce. Ed Schmahl underwent surgery last month. Rev. Kelly Dignan, Pete, Michael, Meghann & their family on the death of Kelly’s Mother, Diana Groves on August 13th.  Lisa & David Hughes have a friend in OR who suffered a concussion last month. Beth Elliot’s father died from a stroke last month. Rosemary Lohndorf is having a double mastectomy this month. Mary Clough & George Brandon, and wishing George a speedy recovery.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to: Paige Henchen has announced her candidacy for the Superior Board of Trustees. Traci Jones, is Executive Director of Rise Phoenix Rise, along with her dog Jessie, who were regular Sunday morning attendees. The organization had just started offering animal-supported group therapy at Longmont United Hospital when COVID-19 struck. Now they are supporting folks via Zoom. Julie Ford had a birthday July 27th. Susan Bailey sent blessings to Ingrid on her July birthday. James Thomas’ had a virtual 85th birthday for his dad. Nina Peterson retired last month. Lindsey Hughes turned 17 last month. Cathy Edwards daughter, Jen, moved back to Madison WI and she hopes she finds a job. Heidi & Steve Todd’s grandson graduated from high school this year. Tom Denkewolf went on a seven day solo backpacking fishing trip returning refreshed. Pam Leland’s oldest is going to CUNY Law School. Debra Hammond completed her Masters Degree last month. Michael Dryburgh’s son Alister became engaged to Sonja. Dianne Ewing was the Volunteer of the Month at Cultivate. Becky Palmer has a new granddaughter, Estelle Palmer LeBlanc. Susan & Tim Bailey celebrated their 50th Anniversary on August 22nd. Elias Self is becoming a rising star among our youth, as he did the Call to Worship on a recent Sunday Service. Sisters, Rebecca Carnarius & Cathy Edwards had a great RV trip to the Southwest. Karen Morgan had her most recent poem published in the Boulder Weekly! It is very timely. A first for her. Read it here:  BW said, “Karen Morgan is a retired local poet and activist. She misses reading at the Laughing Goat and the Twisted Pine.”  Elliot Rowe is settled in at Case-Western Univ. in Cleveland OH. Sophie Hughes is back at CSU and Lindsay Hughes is a Senior at Fairview High School. Peter Rousmaniere (from VT) & Anne Remley (from Ann Arbor) have appreciated being warmly welcomed to Colorado and during “coffee” on Sunday’s and the Wednesday morning Senior Zoom group. Suzy Belmont & Neil DiMuccio are very pleased to announce the arrival of Sebastian who was born on August 20th at 6:31 p.m. Weighing 9 lbs 2 oz and 21 inches long. And finally a huge Thank You to Tom Zanoni, — the East parking lot looks awesome!

Random Thoughts: Thoughts regarding Zoom Sundays: Laura Upham Gerber loves to be able to see everyone, when she joins from New Hampshire, where she & Aaron have been for the past two years. Nicole & Matt Ball say “…finally we can eat in the Sanctuary”. Gary & Babs Herrli miss my hugs — I miss hugging you all as well! Jennifer Skiendzielewski says she is “on time” more often. It’s good to see Christy Barden, again each week at “church”. Fred & Moi LOVE seeing Mary & John Rowe, Jim’s parents, zooming in from Madison WI every Sunday! At a recent, social distancing, gathering Ron Gould said, “It’s really great to get to see people in 3D”!

Fred tells a story about an Old Timer who says, “Yep I’ve seen lots o’ changes in my life — and I was agin’ most of ’em.” Well, now we’ve got another one. I’m referring to Beth Elliot’s resignation letter, which we received this week.  I am very happy and excited for her, but sad for UUCB as she has been rock solid for us during her year with us; as Director of Congregational Life. All Good Speed to you Beth!

That said — I must also tell you how I am also very excited for the arrival of Rev. Jeremy Nickel to UUCB.  Caitlin Moore, Rev. Amy Rowland, Rev. Howell Lind and Moi had the pleasure of working with he and his team from Mission Peaks, CA during the time that our church mentored his church through the UUA Leap of Faith program.

With Love & Care,