Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, visitors
Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: Healing thoughts and prayers continue to be with George Brandon & Mary Clough. It was great to see them in a coffee chat room after church. Carol Teal’s dear Aunt died of COVID. Dalvd dealing with the loss of Marg. Nancy Holt had a successful, surprise appendectomy, last month.  Debra Hammond’s dad suffered a mild stroke in New Jersey last month. Hilton Fitt-Peaster had successful back surgery on September 15th. Rev. Jeremy Nickel honored RBG, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, on the Sunday after her death. Dianne’s daughter who has lost her job. Pam Leland’s fathers health, and concerns for her mother. Concern for our divided nation. Kay’s family evacuated again, due to the fires in the Napa Valley.
Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Sally Hall’s son, Ethan, completed his Masters Thesis.  Julie & Bob Ford celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary, last month, with dear longtime friends, outside social distancing. Happy Birthday to both Jason English & Gen Morley who celebrated last month. Nina Peterson’s first grand baby, Rhys Axel Peterson was born last month in Sweden. Former members, Laura Upham Gerber & Aaron Gerber shared that Chloe Elizabeth Gerber arrived August 20 right on her due date. Jean Gore, former member, who resides at Fraiser Meadows, turns 95 on November 12th, and needs our love and energy. Miles Rowe turned sixteen on 9/19/20. Cathy Edwards has been accepted in a chef training program. Carol who got to see her son on September 27th. For the beautiful fall colors. Nancy & Bud Spear’s granddaughter is in town. Kay Miller’s son is moving back to CO from Maryland.
Random Thoughts: Meg Murphy — I LOVED your current career path chalice lighting. It reminded us of our daughter, Kendall’s, story. Before the birth of her youngest child fourteen years ago she was a Vice President at Vectra Corporate Banking in Denver. She was home for several years, different jobs, and ended up as a checker at Baseline Safeway in the Meadows. Within a matter of weeks she was made a front end Manager where she has been for the past three years. She loves her job, but especially the customers, and other business owners in the Meadows Shopping Center. So you never know, as you shared, where you may end up, when you step out of your comfort zone. Continue to enjoy.
Please be sure to “attend” church on Sunday, November 1, 2020 as Rev. Stanley R. Stefancic, our first Minister Emeritus, will be “in the pulpit” coming to us from San Raphael CA. Stan and wife Marianne are personal friends of ours. Rev. Barbara E. Molfese is our second Minister Emerita. These titles were given to reward a minister who has given a great deal of themselves to UUCB & us. The title “Emeritus” is conferred when a person of distinction retires, or hands over a position, as a mark of distinguished service that is awarded to only a few.
Meanwhile, do not wait until November 1st to “attend” church as Rev. Jeremy Nickel, our Consulting Minister, is providing great sermons, and new energy to us.
With Love.Care.Hugs