Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, visitors
Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Many of us, in the Congregation have expressed some sort of concern, or elation for the election outcomes. We are all trying to stay grounded. The words coming through the Chat box on Sunday, November 8th were; “…elation, hope, moral & ethics for our country, relief, joy, evil spell has been lifted, and finally a woman Vice President!” Rev. Nickel shared that there is a wide-spread anxiety about our election process, and the ensuing transfer of power, and that we must continue to stay with our beliefs. With all of this said we must still look forward to January 20th, and a new day. Amy Phillips is concerned for her mothers health. Laurel Seppala-Etra’s son just left on deployment. The announcement of Alex Trebeck’s, host of Jeopardy, death arrived during our service on 11/8. Mary Clough’s sister-in-law is recovering from a scary fall. Karla, daughter of Janet & Bob Evans had surgery last month for returning cancer, and the outlook remains positive. Sharon Belew who is recovering well from hip replacement surgery. Henry Kroll also had hip replacement surgery just before Thanksgiving with Ellen Snyder as his “Joint Coach”. Both of them are now part of the “Socket Sisters” club which now includes a “Socket Brothers” auxiliary (Fred joined in 2012). The club was formed back in 2006, when several of us, including Moi, had experienced knee or hip replacements in a very short period of time. Eleanor Baron had a “big deal” surgery last month. Laura Upham Gerber has a friend who experienced a miscarriage last month.
Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Karen & Jim Churnside, who again delivered items collected from UUCB to the Pine Ridge Reservation. Because of COVID they were only able to leave the materials “on the doorstep”. Peter Knudson’s son & daughter-in-law, in San Francisco are COVID free.  ennelle Freeston saw her family in SC. Paige Henchen won her election as a Superior Council Board member! Eleanor Baron is grateful for her craft projects. Dianne Ewing’s grandson-in-law has a new job in Washington, DC in the Justice Department.  During all the concern for the daily, worrisome news — Peter Rousmaniere  shared his good news, that he has met a woman via the internet who lives in London. Peter has also written a memoir which is available on Amazon, entitled Witnesses to the 21st Century, a Collective Memoir”. As a bit of a tease, he shared that he interviewed people who have survived both 9/11 and COVID. Eliot Rowe is home safe from college for Thanksgiving, and the family says it is nice to have him in the house. Continued love & energy to Ingrid and her family. Jim Rowe started a new job last month at LiteracyPro, here in Boulder. Barbara Molfese’s, aunt Anna Erickson had her 102nd birthday last month, and Barbara wished she could have been in Holden, MA to celebrate with her. She was sending her aunt all her love. Karen Churnside had a birthday on November 23rd. Nicole deLorimier celebrated her birthday with her children last month. We had a wonderful joint service on Sunday, November 22nd, with the UU Congregation in Las Cruces NM. Counting couples, there were 200+ attendees, which meant an unusually large number of “Zoom boxes”. Paula Thomas suggests purchasing masks from Ingrid to give as gifts for the holidays, or whenever.  Great idea! Kendall & Moi have already given away several, and gotten more for ourselves.
Random Thoughts: I realized that after Rev. Stan Stefancic was in our “pulpit” on Nov 1st, people were saying thanks and giving him kudos for being with us in the 90’s — that we owed the same to Marianne, his wonderful wife.  She and Stan made the decision that he would come to CO for 2 1/2 church years, while she stayed in CA managing her therapy practice — so we owe her our gratitude as well. We did have the joy of getting to know her as she would visit Boulder, from time to time, while he was our Interim Minister.
Babs Herrli has an easy ask. Her mother turns 100 on December 13th and she would like to shower her with cards.  We Sagittarius’ seem to manage some high numbers. My Grandmother, whose birthday was December 15th, made it to 104.
                                                    Send cards to:
                                                    June E. Stiers
                                                    61 Kingfisher Way
                                                    Whiting NJ  08759
Thanksgiving evening the Cole/Richards family had a Zoom reunion which included five states and  three countries.   The US, Canada, and Okinawa, Japan where our Navy Corpsman (Grandgirl Abbey Cole) is now stationed.
The next three holidays will be different than any we have known before, but my hope is that You & Yours may be able to connect via lots of Love in whatever way that is possible. Stay safe. Stay well. I look forward to “seeing” you during December and the coming new, and improved, year 2021.
With Love.Care.Hugs,