Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: Mary Dineen’s high school friend died of cancer.  Becky Palmer’s son’s mother-in-law is entering final stages of Alzheimer’s. Eleanor Baron & family in our hearts as she recovers from surgery. Whitney Wheeless shared that the Uhlig family in Boulder, lost their 11th grade son to suicide. Debbie & Jeff Davies’ college roommate and dear friend Brad’s mom died from COVID last month in Maryland. Brad who had COVID first, and was living & caring for her in her small apartment; is struggling mightily with his role in her death. Mercedes, our nursery care provider, still has pain in her knees, after replacements, when she walks or stands. Debra Hammond’s friend had a debilitating stroke, and is in a neglectful home situation. Laurel Seppala-Etra has been laid off after 14 1/2 years at the Boulder Public Library. Babs Herrli’s brother has a herniated disc and needs our healing thoughts. Kerri Winger is hoping her Mom does not have to spend her first Christmas without her Dad alone because of COVID.  Sharon Larocque’s 21 year old granddaughter has recovered from COVID. Whitney’s mom fell, broke her wrist and has had surgery.  Peter & Nancy Holt’s son Brian (44) had a cardiac arrest — says he is doing well with his recovery! Jeremy’s friend Daibidgh, will have his first Christmas without his wife. Elizabeth Morrow to all who are without loved ones this Christmas. Cathy Edwards & sister, Rebecca Carnarius were unable to be with their Dad in PA, as usual. Their sister also wrote a family history during lock down. Kathryn Waddell’s daughter is still working in an ICU — even after Kathryn’s brother died from COVID. Former member Patricia Weis died October 29th. Nina Peterson & Whitney Wheeless expressed concern about our democracy — as are we all. Pat Walters’ friend was recently diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. To Alan Davis for his excellent sermon about Joy (1/4/21), daughter Allison lit the chalice, and our thoughts were also with Tessa, and with daughter Laura, in Washington DC.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to: Hayden Williamson checked in from Camden, ME to wish me Happy Birthday (84), and send love to all UUCB folk. She and Jonathan are in “lock in” at their retirement facility with meals delivered. Anibal turned five on Thanksgiving Day. Jeff Davies turned 60 on November 25th. “Love is hard to hold” was voiced by Alan Davis! Rev. Dana Lightsey’ recent service with youth participating and Steve Todd said, “…realizing how much I miss the children”. Lots of Love was sent to Ingrid, Bryant, Anibal & Elizabeth because of the service where we also recommitted ourselves to them after two years, in sanctuary, with us. Babs Herrli’s mom turned 100 last month, and many from UUCB participated in her “card shower”. Samantha Alvarez’s daughter is beginning to run and thinks it is hilarious. Karen Morgan’s chalice lighting verified that she too, is an “Institutional UU”. Rev. Jeremy Nickels dad’s birthday was last month. Becky Palmer’s daughter Stephanie received the vaccination! Susan & Tim Bailey saw Christmas through the eyes of their six year old grandson Owen. Nina Peterson’s daughter, Grace, and her finance visited  from Vancouver last month. Steve & Heidi Todd’s daughter Kari, working in an ICU in Minneapolis got her vaccination, as did Grace Ireland, just beginning her nursing career. It was a blessing for Lisa & David Hughes having Sophie home from CSU for three weeks. Daughter Theone is staying with Reed Bailey & Carol Saunders.

Random Thoughts: A silly fun fact for the new year. Barbara Molfese is Barbara, I am Barb, and we knew Babs Herrli years ago as Barb or Barbara. It is often confusing when we are on Zoom calls together, so this makes it easier for all, and especially when we all talk at once.

The last sermon in 2020 by Steve Todd, and the first sermon in 2021 by Alan Davis presented by UUCB members were so well done & very well received. Thank you both.

Christmas dinner at the Cole/Richards home was held in the open garage. Thankfully it was 58 degrees as we began our meal. We had a single neighbor, and two grad students who live in Pawnee Meadows also, Kendall and two grandchildren and us so we were under ten, and had family/or household “pods” set up!  It was like everything 2020, but it was enjoyed by all.

Fred observes that: “If you can see light at the end of the tunnel — You’re still in the tunnel!  Put your mask back on!”

Here’s to a kinder, gentler 2021 year for each of us, the country and the world.  We deserve this, and may we find “bubbles” of joy through the days to come.

Stay well.  Stay safe.

With Love.Hugs.Care,