Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: The family and friends of Margaret Gelatt who lived a wonderful life, which ended last month. Deborah Berioli whose father died January 16, 2021. Susan Secord’s family is grieving the death of their cousin Scott Ames, from COVID last month. The Hughes’ family lost their beloved dog, Daisy, on January 6th, at age 16. Dave Pitts cousin, Steve Hadler, is hospitalized with heart and liver failure. Elizabeth Morrow is seeking courage to move forward after the loss of her husband. Peter Rousmanier who was hospitalized with COVID, but is now recovering at home.

Jennelle Freeston has concern for her father-in-law, who might need spinal surgery. Alan Davis shares his concern for Carrol Kalafus, who is being treated for a brain tumor. Kathryn Wardell is blessed that her daughter, an ICU nurse, was able to get trauma support for the other nurses in her hospital. Lisa Dahlgren worries about a friend who is spending the winter camping, by herself, in the wilderness. Becky Palmer’s son’s mother-in-law died January 30th after a long battle with Alzheimer’s. Samantha remembered a friend’s mother who died January 30th. Dorothy Ciarlo is feeling a bit isolated, yet remains hopeful.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to: 

In her chalice lighting, January 10th, Mary Friedrichs lifted up our new leaders who will have so much to deal with starting on January 20th. Mary and Rev. Emily Conger gave us reason to be grateful.  Dorothy Ciarlo said, “thank you all for being willing to address the huge pain I, and I suspect all of us — she also loves having her six year old grandchild in Berlin, read to her!. Mary Clough ate her last holiday cookie on Saturday January 9th – yum. Grateful for winning the two GA Senate seats!, and for beautiful snow and blue skies. For beautiful grandchildren who show us hope & joy. Imagination that can help us all create beauty in our world. Thank you for the silences to ponder.  Marlin Kropp turned eighteen on January 13th. Great blessings go to our Search Committee, with much gratitude and appreciation. For Rev. Jeremy Nickel’s thoughtful January sermons. We were so happy that Bernie Sanders was able to join us on Jan 24th. Nina Peterson is very pleased for her daughter Grace, who  got married last month — but sad that she was not able to be in Vancouver for the occasion.  Bev Sears’ son, in Colorado Springs, is retiring in May and is planning to come to live with her. She is so excited!  It is great having Bev Sears and Marge Maagoe finally able to “attend” church via Zoom. Elliot Dineen turned 21 last month, and Owen Bailey had his 7th birthday. Laurel Seppala-Etra’s son Michael, is back “on-shore” following his recent Navy deployment. Whitney Wheeless’ parents got their vaccines the end of January. The Zanoni’s son’s birthday is on Ground Hog Day.

Random Thoughts:

UUCB, Fred and Moi are so proud to have been part of Rev. Emily Conger becoming a UU minister. She and partner, Ted Burnham “kick-started” our Young Adult group which grew to about thirty five members, during Rev. Howell Lind’s tenure. We had the largest YA group in the US at the time. Currently she provides  ministerial support for LUUP (Longmont Unitarian Universalist Presence) which was created by the Boulder Valley UU Fellowship, and UUCB — who had this vision, and worked together to make it a reality.

May you all be filled with LOVE on February 14th.    

Stay well.  Stay Safe.

With Love.Care.Hugs