Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: Bill Kalafus, daughters Laura, Letitia and family on the death, February 22, 2021, of our beloved Carrol. We will do the proper honors, when we are able to be together back in the church, hopefully this summer.  Monica English felt hurt, angry, and sad after a conflict with her daughter’s father.  Allison Churnside’s has concern for a friend who is disabled, and is constantly failed by the social safety net.  Janelle Freeston’s father-in-law will be having spinal surgery in March.  It was Daibaigh’s first Valentines day without his wife.  Concerns for the escalating teen overdoses.  Chris & Tom Zanoni were concerned, for their family living in Texas, as were many others.   Former member, Ginna Lilliquest, who lives in Grand Junction is failing.  We continue to send healing thoughts, and energy  to Peter Rousmaniere  as he recovers from COVID at home.  Kathleen Newton’s cousin Eugenie who is going through chemo.  Elizabeth Morrow, who joins us every Sunday via zoom from TX, where she was grateful to have survived the winter storm with no loss of power, and grateful to have her water back and safe to drink.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Carol Teal who is the newly elected Treasurer of the Boulder County Democratic Party.  Lillian Valenzuela is welcoming her second grandchild which is halfway to the “hatching”.  We are all thankful to the scientist’s who created these Covid vaccines.  Reed Bailey’s great gratitude is for his wife Carol, not just on Valentines day, but every day.  LOVED, loved hearing Sam Williams on his saxophone during a service last month!  Carina & Tom Denkenwolf celebrated the 5th anniversary of their meeting on Valentines Day, at UUCB where they were married two and a half years later.  Debbie & Jeff Davies are waiting for third grandchild to arrive.  George Brandon (75), and their ten year old grandson celebrated their birthdays last month.  Jane and David Brown, Kate Weinstein’s parents, were with us on February 21st, via Zoom from Concord NH.  On February 7th they celebrated their 68th anniversary with a Zoom call that afternoon with Kate & her brothers.  Mary Friedrichs got two “real hugs” (after a year) from someone who has also had their vaccines.  Member Philip Nicholson joined us on 2/7 for his first online service and said it was impressive indeed.  He was grateful to all the people who had to collaborate to make it possible.  So grateful for our Congressman Joe Neguse and the work he and the Impeachment Managers did last month.  Lisa Dahlgren, Laura Maguire’s mother, is always pleased that she can join UUCB from her home in Missouri.  Fred and I have been in coffee conversations after services, with her and she is most enjoyable.  You are able to really spend time getting to know people during these conversations — check them out!  From Ed Self the UUCB veggie garden group is gearing up for another bumper crop — join us if you want to get your hands in the soil.  Contact Ed or Sharon Belew for more info.


Random Thoughts:  Last month Fred and Moi got our first shot, Moderna, no pain, no nothing, with the second due 3/24.  We were very excited.  We were at the Boulder Med Center where all of our other doctors are — the first floor looked like the geriatric ward, that day, but it was smooth as a whistle.  BMC is concentrating on their +75 patients, as long as their supplies last.


The day before I was also there meeting with our favorite orthopedic PA (since 2007) to hear that my left knee now needs to be replaced.  When I had my right one done in 2007, there was no pain, but this one is different.  Will wait until after I get my second “jab”, as they say in England.  Probably April or May.  They let Fred check out the X-ray (he learned how to read them, as a teenager) while we were there.  It seems my knee cap is “floating” out to the left, that plus my arthritis, is putting undue pressure on the ligaments, hence the pain!  Fred said, “Well, we did this before, we can do it again”.  The same day I received a call from the M.O.H.S. specialist which our Dermatologist referred me to after removing a couple of basal cell spots.  One on my nose, and the second time on my lip.  That’s scheduled for March.  I’m not complaining.  Good to do these “projects” while we continue staying close to home.


Other than the above we are fine, and anxious to be able to travel again and go anywhere!  We are late to the game, but because of Netflix, we have started “binging” on Grace & Frankie which is hysterical & fun!


Stay Well.  Stay safe.

With Love.Care.Hugs,