Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our good thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  We continue to send love to the Kalafus family.  Nicole deLorimier said it best — “A bright light went out last month with the death of Carrol Kalafus”.  Ingrid with her immigration case, and hoping that she and many others in her situation, can be changed for the better…  Peter Rousmaniere is rapidly recovering from COVID.  However he has a new case of tinnitus (known to be associated with COVID).  Peter has a friend Kathy who is facing hard choices.  Linda Backup’s granddaughter Sam has COVID and is high risk with MS, who hopefully received an antibody last month.  Kathleen Newton who is recovering at home after a hospital stay.  Deborah Berioli whose broken wrist we hope heals quickly.  Amy Phillips whose mom was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer.  Emma Daley’s friend Sandy Hamstra who started chemo last month.  Mikaela Caldera was sending love to her mother-in-law Pat as they continue to mourn the loss of her father-in-law Dave.  Jennelle Freeston whose father-in-law had successful back surgery last month.  Debbie Davies’ cousin’s family in Chicago.  Her granddaughter age nine, lost her dad, in an Uber carjack shooting last month.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  All of our Chalice Lighters are not to be missed, but Michael Dryburgh on 2/28/21 added a new twist.  Bless our ministerial candidates, and grateful for our amazing Ministerial Search Committee.  So many of us have at least gotten our first vaccination with many now have the second one, or received the J&J.  Carol Teal was so happy to be in a family bubble with their only son.  Mary Friedrichs was grateful to be having time with her son and daughter-in-law for the first time, in such a long time.  It was such a blessing having Rev. Dawn back in our pulpit even though it was via Zoom.  Chris & Tom Zanoni were delighted to see their grandson and his partner who visited them last month.  Mary Clough said chocolate chip cookies made by our ten year old grandson, in our kitchen – the BEST!  On MLK Day Henry Kroll & Ellen Snyder  were thinking about Strider and the others who experienced the violence in Selma, AL, almost 56 years ago. Alan Davis is noticing the days are getting longer every day.  Noor Amina Peterson said Happy birthday to her stealth sister, Judith Detweiler!! — adding, we missed celebrating last year because of COVID. and last month because of the wonderful snow storm.  Soon they will connect with happiness.  Lisa Hughes was seen at the end of the Intercambio video, our March Share-Our-Plate recipient.  She has been a volunteer teacher there for many years, as have Sharon Belew, and several other UUCBer’s.  Ginny Wight is back home in her Golden West apartment.  The Hughes’ family has an adorable new 11+ week old puppy named Nellie.  Sharon Larocque is thankful for our Wednesday weekly Senior Salon Zoom gatherings.  From Kimberly Durham & Bob Stewart “I wanted to personally let you know that Bob and I are moving to Massachusetts in April.  Its time to be closer to family.  My mother is aging and grandkids are growing and seeing them three times a year just isn’t enough”.  We are happy for you, but sad for UUCB.  You will be very much missed.  Sunday, March 28th’s Minecraft chalice lighting by three of our children, was incredible!!  Did you know Deborah Berioli has been with us 7 years, and Amanda Williams  has been with us 7 1/2 years?  We are so thankful for both of you, plus Rev. Jeremy Nickel, Rev. Dana Lightsey, and our Worship Ministry team, especially during this church Zoom year.  You all have knocked it out of the park.

Random Thoughts:  Monday, March 22, 2021 sadly put Boulder on the local and national news for the worst possible reason.  Personally I thought Sandy Hook would make the difference, yet now it is us.  Here are some of the many messages from our Sunday, March 28, 2021 chat.  “For all the young people who have been exposed to so much trauma.”  “I send them all love and healing.”  “Love to the families of the victims and the Boulder Police Department.”  “Love must win.”  “We hold you in our hearts and prayers!”  “Peace and safe passage to the victims.”  “May peace and justice, compassion and wisdom prevail.”  “Sending love and light to all the victims and families.”  “Employees of King Soopers, families and friends of the victims, all of the police and first responder heroes who saved lives that day.”  “Included in my thoughts are all the workers of supermarkets everywhere who now go to work, and shoppers each day with security guards at the doors of their local groceries, and those who do not have security (e.g. Safeway at Baseline & Foothills).”  “Change has to come.”  “We must be that change!”  “Can we organize an interfaith demonstration for change?  Daily gatherings at Canyon and Broadway?  Or maybe Baseline and Foothills?”  “Does interfaith include people of no faith?” (for Moi the answer is YES!)”

The Memorial Vigil that was held via Zoom, on Tuesday, March 23, by Rev. Dana Lightsey, Rev. Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry, Rev. Emily Conger, Rev. Randy Spalding, and others was amazing!  Over two hundred people were in attendance, including members of the Pacific Western Region staff.

And finally, the last about Moi.  I am healed and scarred from my Mohs surgery (I misspelled it last month — it is named for the doctor who came up with the idea) on my nose & upper lip three weeks ago.  Now we turn our family thoughts toward April 12th when I will have my left knee replaced.  As I said fourteen years ago when I had the right one replaced…”It is doable, but not enjoyable”.  Soon it may be time for an adventure of fun!

With Love.Care.Hugs,