Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: Pam Leland has deep concern for the well-being of her parents, whom she visited recently. Elizabeth Morrow has a dear friend who is suffering neurological damage from COVID. Alan Davis is concerned for those struggling with mental health issues. Elizabeth Alden is worried about her husband, who is traveling back East, for family. Kathryn Wardell continues to have concern for nurses and doctors exhausted from COVID care. Scharmin Dorostkar notes that we can land a vehicle on Mars, but cannot stop gun violence in our country. Billie Abbitt sends thoughts to the loved ones of his friend, Jackie, who passed away unexpectedly at age 46 leaving behind four kids, a husband, and lots of heart -broken friends. Andrea Clement has concern for her mother, Michelle, who was in the hospital last month. Nina Peterson sent prayers for her sister who had hand surgery. Aimee Smith is concerned for the SOBO King Soopers employees who are struggling with the simpler things like transportation because their vehicles are still held for investigation, mental health care, etc. Former long time member Jean Gore died on April 4, 2021 at the age of 95. Susan & Tim Bailey’s sister, Carolyn, was diagnosed with pancreatic, and lung cancer last month.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to: Peter Rousmaniere sends thanks to all who have expressed support for my COVID experience. He has almost entirely recovered. He expresses his support for you who have love ones seriously ill or died frim COVID. Alan Davis, Chris & Tom Zanoni are grateful for our amazing ministerial search committee who have worked so hard and given so much care. Rev. Dana Lightsey is grateful for our children and youth of UUCB! Pam Leland is grateful to have found a new place to call home this month. Laura Maguire sends love and gratitude to our community. Many of us have happily received our second vaccinations.  Heidi & Steve Todd turned 70 with all of their family celebrating them in Hawaii. Pat Walters got to go to Washington DC to see family. Hilton & Jenny Fitt-Peaster were finally able to square dance with 10 “vaxed” friends. Lindsey Hughes is excited that Fairview will be able to have a “live” graduation, and she has chosen to enroll at the U of Vermont, this fall. So many of us are experiencing the joy of being able to travel, and to see family and friends. Mary Clough got to spend a whole day, playing with her grandchildren!

Random Thoughts: I was so happy that BCH relaxed their visitation rules beginning the week I had my knee replaced. It meant Fred could be with me during the “pre-op” preparations, rather that just dropping me at the curb.  Even then, he still had to go home, and wait for the doctor to call and report – success.

This comment was heard in a recent Zoom room, coffee chat — “I REALLY miss seeing the people on Sunday mornings, who do not turn on their cameras.  It’s hard enough for us not being together, but not seeing them makes it even harder”.  Maybe they think you have “bed head” — we do not care.  Maybe they are in their robes — we do not care.  Maybe they are eating — we do not care.  We LOVE you just the way you are!!!  Please join us!!!