Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: Samantha Alverez, who is concerned for the family of a coworker, Beth, who died unexpectedly last month. Holding her four children and husband with love. Mary Friedrichs, concern for the families who have a loved one lost to violence by police. Kate Weinstein’s father in New Hampshire sprained his ankle. Suzanne Lee asked us to support the Taj Restaurant in Boulder — the husband/owner died from COVID. Karen Morgan shares that Mothers Day is a sad day for her, and many other people. Many sending healing thoughts to those in India and Brazil. From Dianne Ewing, sending healing energy to Kristina, daughter-in-law of Mary Jean and Peter Ewing. Kristina has just had two non-malignant brain tumors removed. Jim Rowe’s father, John Rowe who is recovering, at home, from quadruple coronary bypass surgery last month in Madison, WI. Jim took the first shift, and then Whitney Wheeless switched places with him as the caretaker for John & Mary. T Smith shared that both furry family members of his home passed away within the last six weeks, “…peace to all who grieve and may all living things be welcomed into the arms of Release.” Carol Saunders is recovering nicely from her fractured pelvis caused by a bike accident last month. Martha Ketelle shared the loss of a wonderful Catholic priest in Albuquerque, the son of a UU couple at First Unitarian. Mary Hill’s husband of 31 years passed away last month from cancer. Billie Abbitt’s thinking more about family, after the loss of his grandmother, Minnie at age 94.  Mary Dineen sending love to Ingrid who continues to need us to volunteer and support her. Susan & Tim Bailey are concerned for their son-in-law Fredrik in Stockholm, recently diagnosed with COVID. Tim’s oldest sister died Thursday, May 13th.  Palmer “P.C.” Carlin, former member, died May 29th age 97. Our thoughts are with his wife, Lee, and their family.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to: Christine & Tom Zanoni’s grandson, and his partner, have moved from Houston to Lafayette.

Kate & David Weinstein’s son Josh visited them for a week from Utah! Will Kropp & Caitlin Moore are celebrating their “new Buff” — Marlin Kropp who graduated from Boulder Hugh. Jennelle Freeston’s joy for celebrating Talan’s sixth birthday. Aville, daughter of Samatha Alverez & Joel turns two this month. So many milestones have happened since we have been together. Pam Leland is feeling gratitude and pride for her youngest’s college graduation this week – and mixed feelings about her impending departure to attend grad school at UNC – Chapel Hill. Michael Dryburgh was excited to be moving into a new apartment last month.  Bill Belew’s daughter, Kathleen Belew, author, CNN contributor, came to Boulder for a joyful weekend visit. First time in over a year. Dianne Ewing gathered grateful folks together for a Circle dinner last month. Burton Lee was thanked by several for the budget report. Amazingly good news! Our Board members, the Endowment Committee, and Finance Committee have done such a great job for us through a terrible time.  Dianne Ewing is celebrating the graduation from CU of her grandson, Tim Ewing with a degree in Engineering Physics. We all were celebrating member Rebecca Carnarius who completed the requirements and graduated this month with an Associate Degree from Front Range Community College. Sister, Cathy Edwards is so proud of her! Heidi & Steve Todd were happy for the great gift of a wonderful family reunion.  Pat Walters is grateful for her son and daughter. Chris & Tom Zanoni sent thanks to all who joined them for the UUCB workday last month. Carol Teal and her husband celebrated 46 years of marriage last month.  Amanda Williams, our favorite accompanist, graduated from nursing school. She appreciated all of our encouragement through this process. Much appreciation and many thanks to Rev. Dana Lightsey for her May 16th Sunday morning sermon (she had to “pinch-hit” for Jeremy). Fred & Moi had brunch last month with Paula Basse, former member living in FL, who was in town for a family wedding. Billie & Kaitlin Abbitt celebrated their fourteen year wedding anniversary. They met 17 years ago May 23rd. Kitty, our Youth Coordinator, celebrated her eighth wedding anniversary.

Random Thoughts: Final report on my knee replacement surgery. I passed six weeks on May 24th and had my post-op appointment. Can do anything except get my scar in the sun, or have elective dental work for six months. With my facial Mohs surgery, and then this knee, it has certainly been my year of scars. Three more PT sessions. I am forever grateful for my caretaker of 40 years Fred Cole, who has been with me since the beginning. He’s the “Bestest”, but will probably appreciate the end of his “…driving Miss Daisey” days!

All our Sunday services are NOT to be missed. However, if you missed it — please check out Rev. Sarah Gibb Millspaugh’s sermon on May 30th. She told some stories from our church history — and shared her insights having grown up at UUCB. She now lives in San Diego, with her UU minister husband John and son Max; and she’s great in the pulpit. She is also a member of UUA Pacific Western Regional Staff. The prior week, our former Intern, Rev. Christopher Watkins Lamb, brought his incredible musical talents to us. For the first two Sundays of June, our Ministerial Candidate David Schwartz will be in our pulpit. Not to be missed for an entirely different reason! On Father’s Day we will say goodbye to Rev. Jeremy Nickel; and finish the month by attending the annual Sunday Morning Worship (virtual) from the UUA General Assembly.

With Love.Care.Hugs,