Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: Pam Leland’s dad died the end of May, and her mother is heading into surgery. Pam is facing challenges after loss. Pat Walters, on Memorial Day, remembering her brother, Steve Peters, Special Forces officer killed in the Vietnam War. Jenny Fitt-Peaster’s concern for her son Arthur, who has had more than his share of friends and co-workers who have COVID. Amy Phillips mother died June 7th after a struggle with cancer. Nicole deLorimier’s friends son died in a rafting accident at age 53. Sharon Larocque is very concerned about her daughter Lorraine’s health. Allison Churnside is concerned for two different fellow 40ish moms each undergoing cancer treatments. Mary Friedrichs shared that the planet is heating up and it was blistering in June.  Concern for the health of the planet. Janet Salmons hearing from friends who are struggling with illnesses, not COVID, but difficult. Susan and Tim Bailey’s thoughts are with young Dave, dealing with the final stages of cancer. He worked at UUCB for several months alongside Tom Zanoni. Kate Weinstein’s son Josh age 26, leaving a difficult job in Utah, returning to Boulder. He will start looking for a new job.  From Alan Davis, who lives across the street from, Bill Kalafus, is concerned that Bill who has been told he has congenital heart failure. John Cuddington enjoyed sitting in, on guitar, with a group at Dazzle in Denver…maybe that explains the fever he had the next day.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to: Rev. Sarah Gibb Millspaugh was welcomed warmly back to UUCB on May 30th after growing up here with us. From Peter Rousmaniere — Joy at having the service accompanied by the loudest and longest Thurber I’ve heard in my life. A confirmation of my new love for this community. Sharon Larocque’s Granddaughter Claire graduated from high school. Candice Bautista-Biddle shared joy that her wife, Martha’s birthday was coming in June!  Kathryn Wardell is grateful for her grandkids and kids everywhere. Bless their joy and innocence.  Kate Weinstein on a bird hike saw 20 species of migrating birds. Lisa, David & Sophie Hughes celebrated Lindsey Hughes graduating from Fairview in May. Nina Peterson was finally able to meet her nine month old grandson. Bill Belew celebrated his 77th birthday on June 13th. Carol Saunders got back on her bike, after her accident, on June 13th!  Lillian Valenzuela’s new granddaughter, is due, four years after the first little beauty.  Laurel Seppala-Etra & Jon Etra shared blessings on grandson, Kabir Chakraborty Etra, born June 15th in Washington DC. Steve & Heidi Todd’s oldest granddaughter was married on June 26th. From Mary Dineen — Happy Pride month! Thanks to all of you for making UUCB such a loving and welcoming place for me and my family.  Tom & Chris Zanoni were so grateful for all the wonderful hugs during candidate week activities, and reconnecting at UUCB! Laurel Seppala-Etra’s son Micheil visited in person last month. Hadn’t seen him since December, 2019. He’s moving from WA state to SC. Kim Kapustka is enjoying the glory of her garden. Blue jays, bright yellow finches and even a bright red cardinal. So much life! Reed shared a Yippee! — happy that Carol has healed enough she was willing to ride her bike ten miles to breakfast. Life is good. Whitney Wheeless shared that being a family of four, for the summer, with Eliot home is great – though it’s a lot louder. Heidi Todd enjoyed dancing to great music live with John Cuddington playing harmonica!  Virginia Black participated in the Longmont Pride Motorcade. It was great to see so many there! Henry Kroll and Ellen Snyder shared that it was so good to be with so many friends at the UUCB picnic, on the Saturday night before we voted on Rev. David Schwartz. Thanks be to many who helped make this such a joy.

Random Thoughts: A lot to process recently. We all enjoyed meeting Rev. David Schwartz during his week as our Candidate. Excitement and energy was high at all of the events that Fred and Moi attended. We voted Rev. Schwartz in as our settled minister on June 13th! He and wife Rev. Teri Schwartz successfully found a house before he headed back to Chicago, to pack and say their goodbyes there. The family will caravan across the country for his August 8th start date with us. All four of them will return excited to become Coloradoans. His son was really impressed by seeing mail boxes in front of houses! We are beyond grateful to the success of our Ministerial Search Committee, and all their hard work.

On Father’s Day we honored and said goodbye to Rev. Jeremy Nickel who steered us through the strangest church year ever. The last week that he served, was the first time he had met both the Board and the Staff, in person! This is where a new ministry usually starts, not ends.! Personally I am saddened that so many of you were not able to meet, and get to know Jeremy in person. Both Caitlin Moore and I were on our Leap of Faith Committee about eight years ago when UUCB mentored Mission Peaks UU Church in CA. Our team worked with their team so we had the pleasure and joy to meet and know Jeremy both here, and in California when that process began.  He has set us up for our continued success — for which I am grateful.

With Love.Care.Hugs,