Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts continue to be with:  Concerns expressed about wildfires in the West, victims and responders in Surfside FL, and our endangered democracy.  Kitty has anxiety working through insurance after a car accident earlier this year, as well as deep sadness for the loss of a friend and classmate to cancer.  He was a Dad whose kids were her kids age, and a bright, bright soul.  She adds joy for THIS breath, THIS moment.  Life is so precious.  Strider Bentson was in the hospital for a week following a bike accident.  Susan and Tim Bailey’s two grandsons, Benjamin & Simon, and daughter, Stefanie, travelled safely back to Sweden where they are now living.  Martha Bautista-Biddle shared that within a few weeks, my father had a mini stroke and her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer; very hard to be away from family right now who live in RI.  She and Candice spent a month with them before this happened.  Nina Peterson was concerned for two friends having surgery last month.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Amanda Williams has been our pianist for ten years, and we are so grateful for you.  John Cuddington’s mom, in Canada, turned 92 last month, and he still can not visit.  Alan Davis met up with John Berendt who asked to give his greetings to all at UUCB who remember him.  He is 89.  Steve & Heidi Todd celebrated their granddaughter’s wedding amid rain, and with a groom suffering from food poisoning.  John Russell turned 83 on July 9th.  Sharon Larocque’s neighbor’s tiny dog was rescued by two young strangers.  Heidi Todd was also grateful for being able to ride horseback in the beautiful foothills, among all the wildflowers.  David & Junko Davis are here in Boulder for two months from Honolulu, to be with their daughters and two grandchildren.  They have joined us every Sunday via Zoom, and hope to meet us in person this month.  Henry Kroll was pleased to be hosting two dearest UU friends from San Francisco, Michael and Thomas Dunn.  Cathy Edwards was joyful that she was able to be with her father, in person, to celebrate his 97th birthday.  Her sister, Rebecca Carnarius will go to see him this month.  Samantha Alvarez is feeling joy that they were able to visit family in CA.  Nina Peterson’s  son Kjell and his family, including the new grandson, were here from Sweden for a month!  Two degrees in one home: Cathy Edwards completed her nine month training program on June 29th, and is now a Certified Plant-based Chef; and Rebecca Carnarius received an associate degree from FRCC.  Janet Luongo, member of UU Church in Westport, CT, joined us via Zoom; and is considering a move to Louisville, and joining UUCB.  She was visiting her son, daughter-in-law, and grandchild that she had not seen in 20 months because of COVID.  Laurel Seppala-Etra and Jon Etra were very pleased to visit in Oregon, and see their granddaughters Amara and Clara after almost two years.

Special Welcome to New Members who joined while we were in lockdown:  Candice & Martha Bautista-Biddle, Monica English, Christy & Dan Feehan, Gary Hines, Martha Ketelle, Clyda Stafford (actually she rejoined), and Kerri Wingert.  Some of them have yet to set foot inside our church building, and yet they still wanted to be with us.  We are so very grateful that you have chosen this Unitarian Universalist community.

Random Thoughts:  Carrol Kalafus’s celebration of her life on Saturday, July 31st was so well done by Rev. Dana Lightsey and the Kalafus family.  There were a few firsts: We gathered at 10:30 am, with masks, in the completely full sanctuary for the first time.  Rev. David Schwartz was in our pulpit delivering the Chalice Lighting and Benediction for his first time.  Then later in the afternoon, Rev. Lightsey did a second memorial service at 3:00 pm for Flora Parker.  She was a UU, and visited several times with her son and daughter-in-law, Steve & Ingrid Parker (former members) who said they will be coming back.  Recently, our world has lost four very strong, and powerful UU women. Carrol Kalafus, Jean Clair Langerman Gore, Marlies West, and Flora Parker who all lived incredible, successful lives, and made so many contributions to the UUCB community.

Marlies West and husband, Ron West were instrumental in the construction of our building.  Ron had the honor of turning the 1st shovel, during the groundbreaking at 5001 Pennsylvania Ave. Jean Gore was also a member as UUCB began putting down roots here.

Jean was living at Fraiser Meadows, and a virtual memorial service will be held Saturday, August 14 at 3:00 pm.

To attend via live-stream use this link:


Her obituary may be viewed at:


Marlies West’s family and friends, will celebrate her life on September 3, 2021 at 3 pm in the Grand Assembly Hall at Chautauqua Park.

And finally another former member, David Vollmar (53) was one of the two good friends killed July 26th, in the crash at 47th St. and Highway 119.  David and his former wife, Angelique Espinoza, and their son Luka, were very active in our RE program.  Then, Luka was two — he is now 20!

There was a long article about these two friends in the Dailey Camera, July 31st.


With Love.Care.Hugs,