Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Naomi, who grew up at UUCB, Diana Maiden’s daughter was flooded out of her small home in Norwalk, CT in the middle of the night due to the storms that devastated the Northeast last month.  She lost most of her belongings and much of her art work.  Fortunately she was safe, and is now very dry thanks to a working visit from mom.  Barbara Molfese continues to recover from her knee replacement surgery, September 3rd.  Fred and Moi have relatives in Louisiana, but the ones in Houma, LA were the hardest hit.  Still not in their home as the roof is being replaced, and power was just restored (took 3 weeks).  Babs Herrli’s former boss, Barb Day died on August 10th; also sister Nancy, is now cancer free and in rehab.  Gregory Klassen’s father died the week of September 5th.  “I loved that man.  He taught me so much”.  Janet Salmons is sending joy in the face of concern for a dear friend who is battling a raging cancer.  Will Kropp — “Continued blessings for Ingrid and family, and may we continue to be the lifeline for them.”  Dorothy Ciarlo was thinking about all the victims of climate change that are suffering from fires and water.  Kate Leslie, and son Owen, is providing a safe and caring space for an Afghan family until they can be re-settled into a more permanent space.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Laurel Seppala-Etra, and Jon Eltra celebrated recent birthdays, and their 20th wedding anniversary on September 2nd.  Corbin Abbitt celebrated his 11th birthday on September 2nd.  Bob & Julie Ford celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary last month.  Mary Friedrichs helped take her great-niece to Northwestern University, as she starts her next life chapter.  Wishing her good fortune and opportunity, and much love.  Janet Salmons shared that she was close to the places that burned last fall but spared their cabin, she woke to a gentle rain.  She hopes the wetness protects the beautiful place from another wildfire any time soon.  Yea water!  Ingrid provided delicious food and desserts to celebrate Bryant (13), and Elizabeth (2) — a great double birthday celebration on September 18th.   Miles Rowe turned 17 on September 19th.  On the same day Susan Bailey turned 70.

Random Thoughts: We need Greeter volunteers for the 1st service, beginning  Oct 10th.  Fred and Moi will happily share what we have learned since we resumed meeting outside.  We can also provide on-the-job training.  If you would like to meet & greet at the early service, let us or Robin Miller know.

Fact:  We are receiving so many new people to UUCB which we find very exciting.  They are coming to both services, and it seems we are currently providing the only in-person UU service in the metro area.  Setting up/taking down, each Sunday, is a lot of work for our staff and volunteers.  Thank YOU, and know that you are really appreciated!  More hands will always make the work easier.  May our great weather keep holding.

Really exciting news to share.  Two Sundays ago Doug Wojcik attended the service, and shared that Tanya’s father had died.  For this we are sorry, but it means that once they have sold two homes, and done myriad other things; he and Tanya are moving back to Estes Park from Chicago, after 14 years away!  For those who do not know, this awesome couple came from Chicago to help — the week-end we did our playground build. They drove straight through both ways, and still managed to return to IL for work on Monday.  Also when they first joined the church, back when we were less organized, at their first Congregational Meeting; Tanya nominated herself, from the floor, and became a much needed, and effective member of the Board. Through the years it has been great to hug on Doug when he has come back to CO to check on their properties — as he always makes it a point to attend a Sunday service!


With Love.Care.Hugs