Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Will Kropp feels blessed to be with Ingrid and her family, as they navigate next steps!  Susan & Tim Bailey admire the courage of the little ones who hold out their arms for a vaccine shot.  Janet Salmons has two friends battling cancer.  Former member and UUCB bookkeeper, Elena Slusser is recovering from a fall last month.  Nothing broken, but needs time to recover.  Robin Miller and family on the death last month of her father-in-law, Siggi Bardarson age 91, in Iceland.  Suzanne Arms shared that she and her husband Bob Hartman are moving back to Boulder (where he was a senior respiratory therapist at the old Boulder Community Hospital for twelve years).  He’s dealing with with very challenging health issues and she would appreciate our prayers and envisioning of him healthy enough to bike and hike again.  They plan to arrive early in 2022,  and she’s looking for kindred souls.  Special thoughts for Jon and Sandy Scull as they face on-going challenges.  Sandy is now living at Morningstar Memory Care.  Laurel Seppala-Etra has concern for her Aunt Terri, recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Sharon Larocque shared that Lorraine her daughter, has had too many concussions, and her brain will hardly let her sleep.  She was to see another specialist last month.  Kerri Wingert’s mom was selling her dad’s auto body shop after his death last year.  Holding his memory.  Whitney Wheeless shared prayers for our dear friends the Smith family in NJ.  Their friend Patrick died the week of November 21 from injuries sustained in a bike accident after being hit by a car.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Tanya & Douglas Wojcik sent a big HELLO, via Zoom, from their home in Estes — they are back!!  Chris & Tom Zanoi were so delighted to see Facebook pix of Ingrid and her family outdoors hiking Mt. Sanitas, and dining together November 7th weekend.  Lisa Dahlgren, mother of Laura Maguire, continues to join us weekly from Wildwood, MO.  It’s great seeing her on Zoom.  Henry Kroll asks (and I agree with him) “…that since we can not be together, it would be nice to be able to see you, and not a black box on Sunday morning.  We don’t care if you are in your jammies, or eating your breakfast.”  Lisa and David Hughes were thankful to have Lindsey home from college in Vermont for Thanksgiving break.  Becky & Jerry Palmer’s son Jason married a very special lady, Genevieve Baer, last month in Boulder.  Heidi & Steve Todd are so glad, and proud, that their two daughter got awesome new jobs last month.  Rebecca Carnarius, and sister Cathy Edwards, are grateful to the staff at the community college and tutors who support Rebecca’s learning experience there.  Clint Brown is blessed with a new granddaughter, Ziva.  Alexis Miller is joyful from her day recently spent with many loved ones, and being back with her UUCB community for the first time in many years.  Barbara Molfese’s joy… “was to celebrate her Aunt, Anna Erickson who turned 103 last month.  She and her son (my cousin Charlie) are the last of our family still living on the old family farm in Holden, MA.  She so much wanted to be there to celebrate this great day with her, but Covid and knee surgery prevented her.  So she made her Grandmother’s Swedish coffee bread, which she made early every morning, and it’s still special to them.”  Ingrid’s son,  Anibal turned six on November 26th.  Diana King is delighted that their young granddaughters got their second vaccines.  Grateful to modern medicine.  Joy!  Cathy Edwards landed a fulltime job in her professional field of Human Resources with Boulder Community Health.  First day was November 29th.  Peter Rousmaniere was overjoyed as an admirer of Rev. Joan Javier-Duval, and former member of the Unitarian Church in Montpellier, VT to be able to visit again via Zoom.  Their current intern, and a student of Rev. David Schwartz, Verdis LeVar Robinson led our Sunday service on November 28th.

Random Thoughts:  On Tuesday, November 23rd I had the pleasure of seeing Nicole deLorimier at the grocery store.  She shared with me that it was her 85th birthday!  I said, “Congrats and I turn 85 on December 4th”.  I now realize that for both of us — 85 is just a number — as we keep on getting it done!  Here’s hoping we both, along with our other UUCB Elders — that we all will keep on getting it done!

‘Tis the month that I wish everyone including our Great UUCB Staff, a Happy Holiday season, and a glorious New Year.  Travel easy, Stay safe, Stay well, and hope to see you real soon.