Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Signe Hawley shared that Dr. Sharon Bailey died last month.  She was an educational leader and activist who shifted our education system in Denver and beyond in support of our Black and African American learners.  Lynn asked for prayer for her oldest son lost to addiction and missing.  Karen Churnside is thinking of the joy and pain carried back from the Pine Ridge Reservation.  Jennifer Skiendzielewski reports that her partner, Teri Charles, was diagnosed with lymphoma last fall.  Fortunately, Teri has already gotten through some very aggressive chemo cycles and is doing really well.  Now she’s gearing up for the final phase — an autologous stem cell transplant.  It’ll be a hard couple of months, especially because they’ll need to protect Teri’s extremely fragile immune system.  But the two of them are looking forward to spring, when Teri should be steadily regaining strength.  Sharon Larocque sent prayers for the victims of all the tornadoes in the mid West.  So much death, destruction, and sorrow!  Laurel Seppala-Etra is remembering her father, who died on 12/17/2004 — “I miss him”.  Artemis was thinking of her maternal grandmother whose birthday was last month.  Josie & Cindy asked for prayers of healing for their dear friends Monica and Magdalena as their father, and husband, nears end of life.  Adrienne Hester fell in her shower on Dec. 19th, and cracked three ribs.  After a night in the hospital she is recovering back in her home at Brookdale -The Meridian.  Janet Salmons and her husband tested positive for COVID while in Seattle. They went to visit their daughter, but are unable to be together, for Christmas, because of having to quarantine.

All of our thoughts, love and prayers are with Lisa & David Hughes, and Olivia Buzek and her family who lost their homes in the Marshall fire on Thursday, December 30.  Many of our people were evacuated.  Four members from the BVUUF lost their homes as well. A friend of Anne McMullen lost her grandmother to the fire.  Mary Clough was so pleased that her two daughter’s were able to provide a home and love to their dad, who also lost his home.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Cathy Edwards started a new fulltime job, last month, at Boulder Community Health in the HR Department.  John Cuddington had a joyous reunion visit with his parents, Marg and Doug, after two years without being able to travel to Canada.  They are 98 and 93!  Kathryn Wardell says, “Ingrid is a mother, a warrior and a wonderful woman leader.  Josie and Cindy are getting to go visit grandpa for Christmas.  Lillian Valenzuela spent Christmas, in Ohio, with her son & wife, and her 6 month, and 4 year old grandchildren!  Susan & Tim Bailey’s grandson Simon flew in from Sweden to spend Christmas with them.

Very special Welcome to New Members:  John Avery, Gillian and Glenn Berman, and Janet Ruppert.  We are very pleased that you chose UUCB for your religious home.

Random Thoughts:  In case you missed it; Fred had a letter to the Daily Camera, Editor on December 3, 2021.

Julie Marshall, the Opinion Page Editor sent him an email saying “…great letter.” 

Headline: Where is my apology? 

Colorado’s 3rd District Congresswoman, Laura Boebert, issued a tepid apology…to anyone in the Muslim community whom I may have offended.”  What about all of us in the non-Muslim community whom she also offended? __Fred M. Cole

We have MANY Unsung Hero’s in this community over the past two years, but I wish to highlight two that I know have spent countless volunteer hours making UUCB work!  They are Tom Zanoni who worked on our physical plant, and kept it functioning, and Robin Miller who worked with Rev. Jeremy Jeremy Nickels welcoming and honoring our new members who joined when we were totally closed.  She has continued to do this since Rev. Schwartz has arrived.  Recently Steve Todd & Jim Rowe created a beautiful sound room in the back of the sanctuary.

2022 has started off a bit shaky, but I’m hopeful that from here on out the only way is up for everyone in our community and beyond.