Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Sharon Larocque and family on the death of her Brother-in-law in Vermont, at the end of March.  Melanie Weinstein whose surgery, also in March, went very well.  Marie & Yon Reagan, her Brother-in-law, living in North Carolina, had a brain tumor removed, but no longer is able to communicate.  Bud & Nancy Spear on the sudden death of his nephew, at age 54, last month in Baldwin, Kansas.  The nephew’s mother, Bud’s sister, is living with Alzheimer’s.  Fred Cole who has had cataracts removed from both eyes, in the past month.  Also to Paula Hansley who “almost” had a heart attack, but received two stints instead, and is now fully recovered.  Kay Stevens Great Granddaughter, Teagan, was hospitalized at Children’s hospital.  Also her good friend, John, has just entered Memory Care.  Kim Elderbrook had carpel tunnel surgery on April 14th.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Scharmin Dorostkar who for the second year shared from her Iranian upbringing, with her Ode to Spring offering, during Fellowship time on March 19th. We are grateful for the beauty you share, and the delicious food you provide for us!  Sharon & Bill Belew announced the arrival of baby Nadia Elizabeth Hammar Perry who was born in Gothenburg, Sweden on April 14th.  Sharon is the Mormor (mother’s mother) and Bill is Grampa Bill.  Nadia is the first bilingual baby in their family.  Rev. Beckett Coppola is the candidate for Settled Minister at Kingston Unitarian Fellowship in Kingston, Ontario;  a city about the size of Boulder at the eastern end of Lake Ontario.  The congregation’s vote will be on May 7th.

Random Thoughts:  This month my thoughts are very personal as I tell you a story about the oldest (there are five of us, and all female, so the name ends with us.) cousin on my Morganstein side.  She lives in New Orleans, and is 82 years old.  Unfortunately she has been widowed twice — the first time in her late twenty’s with two small children, and after many happy years with her second husband.  Four days ago we receive an email which says “I’m getting married!” and “…what are the dates you will be in NOLA?”  I go WHAT?  Because we were both only children, we were raised like sisters until about fourth grade, when her parents moved to New Orleans.  My family visited there often.  As I am answering her email she calls (one of three that day) our average is twice a year, on our Birthdays.  Her man, age 83, is someone she met playing bridge; born in Sri Lanka, but in the U.S. for forty years.  She is a Democrat, he a Republican, she has practiced Judaism because of her husbands, and we were both raised going to Temple.  He is an Episcopalian, and the banns have been posted.  They will be married in thirty days by his priest, and they will be honeymooning in Sri Lanka, while we are in in New Orleans for the UUA General Assembly. Because they are returning on June 25th, we will stay a few days afterwards for a Morganstein cousin(s) reunion, and to celebrate the way, that love can happen at any age, and that all barriers can be overcome by giving Love a chance!!  Remember last month we were talking about taking Risks!

With Love & Care,