Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, and visitors


Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Kay Stevens’ daughter-in-law, Pam Davidson, whose father died June 11th.  Babs Herrli asked healing thoughts for, husband, Gary who is recovering from pneumonia.   Helen McGrath, who on July 5th, moved to NYC for at least a year to be closer to family. She is keeping her home in Layfayette, and has rented to several of our UUCB Young Adults.  Laurie Hyland who had surgery last month.  Amy Phillips whose co-worker Dan Stephens, was in a serious motorcycle accident in June.  Henry Kroll was hospitalized last month with severe stomach pains, but was back in church on July 16th looking and feeling very rested.  Both Tessa Davis & Josie Heath were hospitalized, last month, because of kidney stones.  Tessa was back at church on July 16 however Josie’s recovery will be much longer.  Sharon Belew’s brother is out of the hospital, and rehab, and is able to be back home in Idaho Springs.  Jerry Pearson broke his leg playing baseball last month, but was back in church on the 16th traveling on one of those cool, one legged scooters.  Susan Bailey shared with me that her 94 year old father is not doing well, but is “mainly mad that he has to stay in bed, all the time!” Laura Maguire and family on the sudden loss of her Uncle.  She was notified while attending GA in New Orleans.  She was able to attend his service last month.


Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings and Thanks to:  Fred Ells who was filled with great joy after sharing a complete prayer with his new neighbor, a Muslim from Pakistan.  He said it was a beautiful experience.  Jenny Fitt-Peaster shared that it was a blessing that we successfully hosted the Immigration 101 gathering at UUCB on June 19th.  John Cuddingon & Joan Lutz attended his daughter’s graduation from Cal Poly in San Luis Obisbo, CA.  Catherine Raveczky & Vince Orlando were married in June by Rev. Dignan in a simple ceremony.  Former member, Paula Baase, joined the UUCB (same acronym) but it is UU Church of Brevard, Florida, on July 2nd.  Meghann Gilmore, Rev. Dignan & Pete’s daughter has moved to Boston to start her first job after graduating from CU.  Mom Kelly flew with her to Boston, to help get her settled, and as she left, the place had been “…scrubbed and was shiny clean.”  Those who know about Kelly’s cleaning skills realize that Meghann starts off in great shape.  On July 16th, Jenny & Hilton Fitt-Peaster marked their 40 years of being together.  


Random Thoughts:  Fred and I greet wherever we go.  We had attended our 18th (mine), and 17th (his) UUA General Assembly in New Orleans.  On Monday, after the end, we were strolling through the French Quarter which was our treat. Entering the French Market, I saw two very familiar rear profiles, walking ahead of us.  It was Mary Clough & George Brandon — great fun running into the two of them as they had only been in New Orleans for an overnight, after attending a brother’s birthday in Mississippi.  George said “I had hoped we might overhear some “…UU types talking, that we could connect with”, and there we were!


A LUUP update:  Summer Picnic — Sunday, August 13, 4:30-7:00 pm; Collyer Park, North Pavilion — in Longmont.  The picnic will be followed by a Soulful Sundown service at 7:00 pm – a joint worship with the Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, and the UU Church of Boulder.  Rev. Kelly Dignan & Rev. Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry will provide the spiritual part, with Debra Hammond, et al providing the music!


Come for the picnic or the service, or hopefully for BOTH — It will be a VERY SPECIAL EVENT!


With Love & Care, Barb