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We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Theresa “T” Koenke Diaz & son Leo on the death of her mother, MaryAnn Main who died on 7/25/17.  She died after beating the survival odds with the diagnosis of ovarian cancer for the past six years.  Her funeral service is in Marblehead, MA this month. MaryAnn and husband, Rev. William Main, attended services at UUCB whenever they visited “T” in CO. She will be greatly missed, but no longer suffering.  Haris Simangunson and his family.  After losing his 11 year old son to brain cancer in 2016, Haris was deported back to Indonesia earlier this summer.

Sending light and love for all those persons, who have been detained: and are facing possible deportation.  Cristina Rodriguez-Sagarnaga is in our thoughts as she tries to adjust to life in Mexico, since her deportation last month.  She has lived in the U.S. since she was 5, and was forced to leave behind her 3 young children.  Greta Seidohl whose sister, Georgie’s finance Jacob, was in a mountain biking crash last month, and is missing teeth, and required many stitches. Our friend and former member, Dr. Mary Schlesinger, who died suddenly on 6/28, and whose celebration of life was held last month at the Avalon Ballroom, a favorite place for Mary.  Marie & Yon Regan as Marie’s mother died unexpectedly, while they were in France this summer.  Since their return she had to place her dad in an assisted living facility.  Pete Dignan’s father had back surgery and is now in an Ohio rehab facility. Pete was able to be with him, but upon his return to Boulder, had two stints of his own implanted.  He is back to his regular schedule, and feeling well.  Suzy Belmont’s cousin, AJ, left this world of his own choosing on August 6th.  Steve & Heidi Todd’s son, Justin died a year ago on August 13th, as they marked his memory.  Beverly Seeds from the Boulder Valley UU Fellowship died August 6th.  She was a former member of UUCB, and a founding member of the BVUUF.  Bob Stewart is recovering well from heart valve replacement surgery last month.  Nina Peterson shared that on Aug 20, 1691, the first Dutch slave ship to arrive in North America, docked in Charleston harbor.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Nina Peterson who is grateful for a great community (including her sister) to celebrate life with!  Steve & Heidi Todd’s grandson, Elliot, got his driver’s permit.  Tessa & Alan Davis welcomed their second grandson, Warren, born to daughter Laura & son-in-law Langley, on Sunday, July 30th. Tessa flew to Baltimore the same day and Alan followed later in the week.  Alac Cole, our grandson, is officially ours, and will remain in Boulder, while his sister Sariah has been returned to her mother in Colorado Springs.  Sadly, but proudly we said goodbye to Rev. Beckett Coppola, Greta and Erty Seidhol as we released them from UUCB; for the exciting next chapters in all of their lives.  Don & Ellen Lilley celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary on August 13th.    Also on 8/20 Kendall Richards, celebrated her 50th birthday by sharing a cake, on the East patio, after the 2nd Service.

Random Thoughts:  On Sunday, August 13th, LUUP (Longmont UU Presence) hosted a picnic at Collyer Park, in Longmont.  Afterwards we enjoyed a Soulful Sundown Service provided jointly by Rev. Kelly Dignan & Rev. Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry, Chris Zanoni, Debra Hammond and a combined choir.  It was an outstanding service with music, singing, readings, and an uplifting event attended by 63 UU’s — 36 of whom were from UUCB.  The next LUUP event is Sunday, September 10th, 3-5 at the Intercambio facility in Longmont.  LUUP is not only an opportunity to meet with other UUs who live in Longmont, but also the rest of Boulder County — and to share a different kind of spiritual experience. Emily Conger is the LUUP Organizer, and provides the spiritual leadership.  Three of us from UUCB are on the LUUP Steering Committee — Lauren Hinkle, Caitlin Moore & Moi.  

How can I not forget the fabulous All-Church Retreat, held at the Highlands Retreat Center in Allens Park, from 8/18 thru 8/20?  Tremendous turnout, exciting workshops and adventures, super community building, great meals, and just plain fun!  Thank you to Mary Clough, and all of her team, for putting this bi-annual event together!  You will have to ask Mary how many of us, were actually there?   I also hope that someone will compile a list of how many of our UUs traveled elsewhere to view the eclipse?  There were a bunch (Fred & I lost count around 28)!

Mark your calendar now for the annual MDD (Mountain Desert District meeting) which is October 12 & 13 hosted by UUCB — so you only have to come here to participate!  Registration is required ($68 per adult, before 9/10).  Go to to register — and for further information on the conference schedule, and program offerings.

This is much more than a business meeting.  We will also be meeting with UUs from Montana to the Mexican border, and sharing in their ideas and concerns.  We are entitled to 6 Delegate votes.  They will be selected from the members who are registered for the conference.  

Please continue reading this newsletter, for important information concerning the Sanctuary Now! events which are being held during September and October.

With Love & Care,