Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts, and good wishes continue to be with:  Rosemary Lohndorf’s Uncle Walter died last month.  Former members John & Emilia Bertin were evacuated from Corpus Christi, TX to New Mexico because of Hurricane Harvey, and Paula Baase from Melbourne, FL to Orlanda because of Hurricane Irma.  We were saddened by the pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, UU’s have been following his story for years.  We were also saddened by the order regarding trans-gendered military members who are serving, or have served, and those wanting to serve their country.  Laurie Hyland who began chemotherapy last month.  Judith Hunter’s husband Jim had medical tests last month. John Ruston, former member, died on September 6th.  Sunday, September 17th after church, Mary Jean Ewing had a spell, and was taken to the ER by Ruth Sanders with Rev. Dignan following close behind.  Many stepped up, to assist her, thank you.  As of this writing, the report is she was kept for observation, two nights, and is feeling well. Her wonderful sense of humor remains intact.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Kate & David Weinstein on their son Josh’s graduation from CU with an Environmental Engineering degree.  Grateful for the eclipse that brought us together for one day.  Mary Jean & Peter Ewing celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on September 2nd.  Sharon Larocque’s daughter Loraine was married to Arron Carter in Lyons, CO on September 9th. Kaitlin Abbitt got a new job, and her title is Technical Account Engineer at Automattic (yes, two t’s – the founder’s name is Matt).  She starts October 1st.  Kaitlin & Billie’s son, Corbin, turned #7 so they had much to celebrate!  Fred’s & my Grandgirl, Abbey Cole has been assigned to the crew of the USNS Sympathy, a hospital ship.  Rev. Dignan did not pass out gold watches (framed UU Principles, instead) with a beautiful ceremony, and wonderful words of appreciation for at least 50 continuous years of UUCB membership to Beverly Sears (1961), Shirley Bulla (1964), Robert & Martha Bushnell (1967) and Fred Cole (1967). She also honored Nina Cooley and Marlies West who have recently returned as friends, but who were members back in the 1950’s.  This gives us all, something to strive for.  From Reed Bailey, “I have been a “big brother” to Collin (son of Sabina Agpawa, a former member’s son) since he was eight.  So it was an honor to officiate twenty years later at Collin and Stephanie’s Marsden’s wedding Saturday September 16th. “Lovely couple, great friends, children, family, fine venue and a beautiful day in Fraser, CO 8000′ high. Life is sweet”.  Emily Conger has achieved what she has worked so hard for.  On Friday, September 15th she went before the UUA MFC (Ministerial Fellowship Committee) presented a sermon, answered all of their tough questions; and she Passed! Congratulations to both Emily and partner, Ted Burnham who has provided awesome support along this long, hard road.

Random Thoughts:  Daughter Kendall Richards, attended the service that honored her “Pops”, Fred Cole, and afterward said, “Well, I’ve been a Unitarian Universalist for those same fifty years!”  True as she was “named” (as it was called) and “bopped” with a rose, at age three weeks (1967) at First Unitarian Society in Denver, by the Rev. Richard Henry. Accurate that she has been a UU for fifty years, but NOT all that time, was as a pledging member.

With Love & Care, Barb