Membership Matters

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Dorothy Ciarlo, whose husband Jim, has entered Hospice.  Debra Hammond’s brother and sister-in-law who are at high risk, but finally pregnant.  Francesca and Peter Howell’s son Dylan’s (26) recent MRI shows a recurrence of his Multiple Sclerosis.  Nina Peterson remembering her mom on the first anniversary of her death on October 8th.  Ingrid Encalada Latorre was to leave for Peru with her two sons on October 17th, but has chosen to go back into sanctuary — this time, at Foothills Unitarian Church in Fort Collins.  With those impacted by the hurricanes, along the Gulf coast, and in Puerto Rico, and by the shooting in Las Vegas.  Naomi Clark, Diana Maiden’s daughter who grew up in our church, has been evacuated from her apartment because of the fires in Santa Rosa, CA.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Graham (son of Gary & Babs) and Rickie Herrli celebrated their first anniversary on September 25th.  Peter & Francesca Howell who both celebrated their 60th birthdays, and thirty seven years of marriage last month.  Fred Cole and I are very proud of our granddaughter, Abbey who is aboard the USS Comfort, the 1000-bed hospital ship, deployed to Puerto Rico.  Nina Peterson celebrating her daughter Grace and boyfriend Pourrick as they head off to Vancouver for the next chapter in their lives.  Welcome our newest staff member: Ellen Saunders Duncan, who will fill the role of Campus Ministry Coordinator for our Paths Ministry at CU.  She started October 18th.

Special Welcome to New Members:  Justin Bailey, Saphyre Rogers-Berry & John Berry, Emma Daley, Mary Jo Highland, Patrick Malone, Susan Perrins, Lillian Valenzuela, and Pat & Bill Walters.  We are so glad you have chosen UUCB as your spiritual home.

Random Thoughts:  I am so pleased that Bob & Janet Evans have re-joined UUCB, and are back and involved.  I have known and loved Bob since 1980.  Fred and Moi went “…down the road”, with both of his daughters on Ninth Grade Trips — so we “helped raise them”!  On October 15th Janet was the worship leader and Bob was her chalice lighter.  Many asked for the poem Bob shared for his chalice lighting, and I have the pleasure of including it in my column!  ENJOY.

Let us give thanks for a bounty of people.

For children, who are our second planting, and though they grow like weeds and
the wind too soon blows them away, may they forgive us our cultivation and
fondly remember where their roots are.
Let us give thanks:
For generous friends . . . with hearts . . . and smiles as bright as their blossoms;
For feisty friends, as tart as apples;
For continuous friends, who, like scallions and cucumbers, keep reminding us that we’ve had them;
For crotchety friends, sour as rhubarb and as indestructible;  
For handsome friends, who are as gorgeous as eggplants
and as elegant as a row of corn, and the others,
as plain as potatoes and so good for you;
For funny friends, who are as silly as Brussels sprouts
and as amusing as Jerusalem artichokes;
And serious friends as unpretentious as cabbages,
as subtle as summer squash, as persistent as parsley, as delightful as dill, as
endless as zucchini and who,
like parsnips, can be counted on to see you through the winter;
For old friends, nodding like sunflowers in the evening-time,
and for young friends coming on as fast as radishes;
For loving friends, who wind around us like tendrils and hold us, despite our
blights, wilts and withering;
And finally, for those friends now gone, like gardens past that have been
harvested, but who fed us in their times that we might have life thereafter.
For all these we give thanks.

By the late Rev. Max Coots, who was Minister Emeritus of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Canton, New York. His passion for gardening yielded this beloved and much used meditation.

With Love & Care, Barb