Membership Matters – August 2022

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: 

  • Sally Du Gar’s step-sister, Karen Bauman is recovering from thyroid surgery and now lymphoma.
  • Superior, CO Board of Trustees member Paige Henchen, who announced her resignation citing increased responsibilities at work that required her immediate departure from the board. Messages from her board trustee members were: “I learned an awful lot” from Henchen, and praised her for how she ran her campaign; “You’re a fantastic asset that we can all benefit from;” and “I think you made me a better Trustee.”
  • Barbara Molfese reports “Just visited Jon Scull and he was very pleased to have a visitor. He is in Room 103 at Morningstar, 575 Tantra Drive, and his phone number is 303-489-6030 (Main desk is 720-594-4433).  I phoned to ask whether he could receive visitors and the person I spoke with said, Oh, yes.”  One of his two sons spent time emptying the house and painting the entire interior.  It has just sold, so Jon was pleased and relieved.  Please feel free to visit Jon or send a card.  Barbara asked if he would like visitors and he said that would be great.
  • Michele Seipp would like for the congregation to hold her recently departed son, Ira Liston (36), close to their hearts.  The Seipp’s live in our neighborhood.
    Chris Holmes, a former UUCB member and choir member sadly has shared that his dear son, Landryk Holmes,15, took his life on Wednesday, August 3, 2022. While the family is in baffled shock–all seemed so positive for him–they moved ahead with two outdoor services quickly, one to especially try to hold close his many young friends at Boulder High School and beyond, and one with the focus on adults, and Landryk’s parents Merlyn and Chis, and their friends and communities.
Kendall Barnett Richards  8/20/67 – 7/8/22
Fred Cole & Moi on the death of our daughter, Kendall B. Richards on July 8, 2022.  She was a member of UUCB.  The service will be followed by a catered reception.