Membership Matters by Barb Richards

We honor members, friends, visitors


Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: Susan, Tim, Justin Bailey and family on the death of Susan’s mother, in Ohio. She died on January 21st exactly two months to the day after Susan’s father died. Happily Jennifer Gould is completely recovered from abdominal surgery last month that went from “simple” to “simple yet complicated”. We honored Mary Oliver, poet beloved by many who died last month at age 83.  Our UU Beacon Press was her publisher for many years. Jim Hunter, husband of Judy Hunter, his memorial service was held on January 26th. Bonnie Crissey on the death of her husband Dick Oye, member, who died on February 7th. Don & Ellen Lilly on the death of of Dr. Dale Foreman, friend, brother who died in Grand Junction last month. The family and friends from BVUUF, (Boulder Valley UU Fellowship) and UUCB who celebrated the life of Jill Nichols who died January 11th. So that you know, while BVUUF is undergoing a major reconstruction, we will be sharing our church space with them for events like this. Janet Salmons asked that we hold up the memory of John O’Neal, who passed away last month, she says; “Organizer for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating committee, he dedicated his life to using theater and storytelling to bridge racial divides”. (including his work with Janet). As a community, we remember our ancestors. We take note of the passing of Don Weatherly, at age 88. He and his wife, Sue were very active members of UUCB in the mid-1960s. Don will also be remembered, by some, as a “dyn-o-mite” poker player!


Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to: Marie Wingert who turned one last month. Suzy Belmont, Burton Lee & Chris Zanoni attended Leadership School last month, and the report was “This is awesome”! Peter & Francesca Howell had their first date 40 years ago, on February 10th at a Benihana, and are still happily together.  


Random Thoughts: A short history lesson…I could not help but notice in the YBIL (Your Board is Listening) report in last months Clear Light Messenger that Rev. Dan Hotchkiss was mentioned. They stated that we encourage staff to consider a framework for volunteers described in “Teams of Ministry” pg 57 of Governance & Ministry written by Dan. What you may not know is that Dan Hotchkiss has an interesting connection to UUCB.  


In the fall of 1993, Fred and I met with him at UUA Headquarters in Boston, where he was the Ministerial Settlement Representative. I said our congregation needs an Interim Minister, and now! I knew the value from my work with another interim, Rev. Van Vanstrom, when I was on staff at First Universalist Church of Denver. Dan found  an interim for us, who then cancelled because of a cancer diagnosis — Dan next called Rev. Stan Stefancic, who agreed to come out of retirement. He had just had major eye surgery and could not start until after the new year. Stan arrived from California, in a severe “upslope” snowstorm in January, 1994 with only a light weight jacket, and a car full of books. His lovely wife, Marianne, a psychiatrist, stayed behind with her practice. She visited us often during his 2 1/2 church years with us.  


Given the challenges we presented; most people would have turned around and left, but happily he stayed, and helped us begin our long road to recovery. The work he started continued through the tenures of Rev. Kurt Kuhwald, Rev. Jacqueline Zigler, and Rev. Becky Gunn (our 3rd Interim). Many of us were involved in the hard work, and dedication that it took to re-build this community.  


It was John Weston; Dan Hotchkiss’s successor, who first suggested that UUCB try a new approach to our Ministry by hiring a Developmental Minister. It was a courageous step, we took as a congregation to hire Rev. Howell Lind. Under his leadership, many new concepts and ideas were implemented — culminating in UUCB being named a “Breakthrough Congregation” by the UUA in 2016. Howell also returned UUCB to being a “teaching church”. Another of  his successes is the Rev. Kelly Dignan, who started as an intern here. We are all the beneficiaries of forward thinkers like Dan Hotchkiss, John Weston, and Howell Lind.


With Love & Care,