Membership Matters by Barb Richards

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: 

Mercedes Garcia is experiencing much pain with her knees.  We signed a “thinking of you card” for Norm Metcalf on June 9th…Norm we miss your weekly jokes. Farewell to Chelsea, our preschool teacher who has been hired to be the RE Director at the Grand Junction UU Church. Speedy recovery to Ellen Lilley & Mary Friedrichs, as both are sporting arm/wrist casts.  


Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to: Former members, Laura Upham and Aaron Gerber were married July 27th in Vermont. Sally Campbell is at her home in South Carolina for the summer, but this year John Russell joined her for the month of June. Former members, Greta & Erty Seidohl happily announced the arrival of daughter, Ellery Jean Seidahl born at home on June 26th weighing 7 lbs 5 oz.  Mikaela Madalinski and Austin Caldera were “nature married” on the winter solstice and than legally married in the spring. Mikaela has changed her last name to Caldera. Rev. Amy Rowland, our former Minister in Residence and Carol Hinkenbeard were engaged last month. Carol says they plan a long engagement and will be married in 2020. Tessa and Alan Davis are proud grandparents of Bernadette Starling (ask Tessa the meaning of her beautiful middle name) Bowers born July 2nd weighing 7 lbs 2 oz and 20 inches long. The proud parents are Laura, raised in our church, and Langley Bowers. Debra Hammond, our Music Director, is grateful for the talents of our band the Chancel Cats as they gave a wonderful performance last month. We are blessed to have such wonderful musicians here. Rev. Eric Posa was welcomed on July 14th with a Ritual of Covenant between Congregation and Interim Minister provided by President David Hughes. 


Random Thoughts: When you skip a month there is much to share. Fred and Moi celebrated Memorial Day with something monumental. On our way to pick up “Grandgirl” Sariah in Colorado Springs, near the Greenland exit on I-25, we were stopped in traffic when the SUV behind us did not. Fred was able to turn the wheel enough to avoid very little contact to the car ahead of us, but as he says our old Volvo is a little shorter. Happily we had not one bruise or bump. Two days later he purchased a new, to us, 2012 dark blue Volvo XC70, as we were soon to be leaving for Spokane. We traveled 2600 miles round trip, where we enjoyed my 19th, and his 17th General Assembly. Spokane is a beautiful city as we crossed two bridges from our hotel to the convention center every day while walking through the park. We saw Deb Hoff and Kathryn Alexander, former members, at GA along with our many UU friends from all over the country which we only see once a year. We had a Cole mini-reunion as sons and family gathered from Seattle & Kelowna BC Canada for the week-end, and were able to attend the Sunday Morning Worship service with almost 3000 other UU’s. 


In her last sermon Rev. Dignan shared that “Grief is the way love honors what it misses”. We are a church that is full of love, shares love, and spreads love. Remember that being an “Institutional UU, as I am, you stay and support UUCB whoever our minister is. Rev. Posa is my 13th UU minister, and I look forward to his time with us. From four different friends I spoke with in Spokane that asked, “Who our interim was going to be…?” the responses were always, he is great! One was a longtime GA friend, who seldom likes any minister, and she said, “I love Eric — as he is the best minister I have ever had”. High marks also came from a minister friend, who was a college youth member in our church a long time ago.


With Love & Care,