Membership Matters by Barb Richards

We honor members, friends, visitors


Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  

Emma Daley, who moved to Pennsylvania last month, and is starting a new business. Especially with the people in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH, who we woke to hear about on Sunday, Aug. 4th. We have a continuing concern for all of those who suffer from every form of gun violence in this country. Rosemary Lohndorf and her family on the death of her Mother on July 14th.  


Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to: Beth & Ed Schmahl, they have a new granddaughter born on July 18th, and all are well. Tim Bailey turned 70 last month and we celebrated his day on August 4th, with delicious bundt cakes.  Nina Peterson turned 65 on August 4th. Rev. Posa “loves” our tradition of sharing cakes, during Fellowship time. Reed Bailey and Carol Saunders’ grandson, Dustin, who is 17 years old, and working in Kenya right now, building schools for the Maasai people. Laura Maguire has a great new job working for Bio-desix, which is located in Boulder. However her first assignment is a September to March in Steamboat Springs – right in the middle of ski season! Evan Masterson, son of Sue Masterson and Mary Dineen is heading off for his last year of high school as a Rotary Youth Exchange student, in Brunico, Italy. Thanks also to everyone who planned, coordinated and provided us with a great All-Church Retreat in Allenspark last month, it was enjoyed by all.


Rev. Eric Posa received The Westwood Grant which is bestowed on 3 ministers annually, by the UUA’s Office of Church Staff Finance. It “was established by the Westwood Family, all of whose members were dedicated to successfully spreading the faith and nurturing Unitarian Universalist congregations. Awardees are recognized for their work promoting Unitarian Universalism.” It honors the late Unitarian and UU ministers, Rev. Horace Westwood, Sr., Rev. Horace Westwood, Jr., and Rev. Arnold Westwood. It is particularly targeted for those who have taken entrepreneurial and innovative approaches to ministry. 


The innovative ministry he recently was involved with, was being part of the Interim Ministry Consulting Team for the Quimper UU Fellowship in Port Townsend, WA this past spring. It’s a 400+ member congregation, that found itself in the unusual position of not having an interim senior minister, so he joined with a Pacific/Western Region staff member and a retired minister to form a 3-person consulting team, working in unique ways with this congregation to assess their needs as they prepared for their next settled senior minister


Random Thoughts: When the oscillating white fan is operating in the sanctuary, it is to provide some air for those sitting on the chancel — so PLEASE do not unplug or turn it off!  Thank YOU


Following is a note I received from Peter Kleinman — one of our community Sanctuary Volunteers — and I share it with you:.


“Barb:  I was touched by this experience and didn’t want to keep it to myself. 

Two or three weeks ago, while I was volunteering as a door monitor an incident occurred which the Congregation might have an interest in knowing about. A knock on the door introduced me to a family of three asking if they could come in and look at the copper engravings on the inner door and some of the lovely chandeliers. The man was dressed in clearly Islamic garb and his wife (?partner) was clearly African-American. Their daughter must have been about six. Given the recent increase in tensions over Ingrid’s safety, I didn’t want to be cavalier about letting them in, but they quickly convinced me that their motive was honorable and worthwhile. As we began having a conversation, I learned that his grandmother had been an early member of the Congregation and responsible for the copper engravings and some of the other art work in the Sanctuary. He had never been here before, and wanted to connect with an important part of his heritage.

I have since asked about Elsa Deutsch and her intriguing story which is documented on page 6 of “Treasures” created by Tessa Davis.The Church is honored to have had her as such a lively early member and contributor. Her grandson came to visit anonymously, but I was intrigued and touched by the lovely moment. Our histories are so important.

Parenthetically, this family was here by chance and knew nothing about the Sanctuary project. 

Peter Kleinman.”


With Love & Care,