Membership Matters by Barb Richards – June 2016

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: Martha Powers whose father died peacefully last month. He was 98. Ron West died May 23rd. He and his wife Marlies were among our “founding grandparents” at UUCB. There is a picture of Ron (in the archives) officiating at our groundbreaking ceremony, in 1963. Their three children grew up in this Church. and all were Ninth Grade Trippers. A Memorial service will be held here, on July 24th. Kate Weinstein’s father, David Brown, is dealing with a serious eye problem affecting his ability to read and use the computer. Ann (nee Williamson) Callanan’s, son Mark, age 28, died suddenly from a blood clot while working out at his gym. Ann is the oldest daughter of former members Valerie & John Williamson (Valerie was also our RE Director).

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to: Sharon Larocque’s daughter Lorraine was recently accepted in the Master’s Degree Program at Metro State. She works for the Jefferson County D.A’s. office. Marlin Kropp had his Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, May 21st, with the “Adventure Rabbi” leading. They hiked up the Bluebell Trail from Chautauqua Park; making stops along the way — and giving thought to the great outdoors — until they reached their final destination where a formal Bar Mitzvah was performed. Diana & Michael King are delighted that their 2-year-old granddaughter, “LaLa” is now cancer free. On Sunday, June 12th our former Ministerial intern, Diana McLean , was unanimously called to serve the Peterborough Unitarian Universalist church, which has approximately 130 members, and is located in southern New Hampshire. She will begin her ministry there on August 1st. But first — we have the privilege of “Co-Ordaining” her in partnership with the Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (her home church) on July 10th! A few members from her new congregation will be at the ordination to celebrate with us! Amanda Riggers, our pianist, & Sam (the saxophone player) Williams were married on June 18th, at the Flagstaff Amphitheater.

Random Thoughts: Last month Fred and I watched the remake of Roots, 40 years later. We both remember that the original was a family event for each of us. It was almost harder to watch now, knowing that some things have not changed that much; and that is why our Black Lives Matter banner is so important. It is not “anti-Cop”, or “anti-____ (fill in the blank)”! It is a statement of our First Principle which we won’t change to appease, some other “noisy area of concern”! We were saddened to learn that the Boulder Valley UU Fellowship’s BLM banner was stolen. They already have plans to replace it.

On Sunday, June 12th, Rev. Dignan asked us to honor the lives that were lost in Orlando FL at the Pulse Nightclub, and the family and friends that loved them. Sad but true, these horrific stories continue to be told, and retold — over and over again! I am so very proud that we as Unitarian Universalist’s continue to “Stand On The Side of Love”!

On a more mundane note, part of my job as Hospitality Coordinator, is to watch the “crowd dynamics” in the Sky Room and Entrance Hall before Church, and during coffee hour. I know, everyone of us — are just “so excited” to see our friends again — that we forget about the Newcomers who are trying to get to the Greeter’s Table. Because of our increasing numbers on Sunday mornings, I also have to ask that interest groups check with me, before setting-up tables in either the Sky Room or in the Entrance Hall. This request does not apply to the “established” uses (i.e., Grocery Coupons, Share-Our-Plate, etc.).

Special Welcome to New Members: Matthew Ball & Nicole Ball, Miles Corkern & Jennifer Sullivan, Hannah Cuviello, Kim Elderbrook, Cole Hart, Robin Miller, Marie & Yon Regan, and Caroline Scheevel.

We are grateful that you have joined us on our journey.

Random Thoughts: My first thought is that I am truly thankful that this month’s Joys and Congratulations…, are so much longer than the Our Thoughts are With…, part of this column! The next item that is making me feel joyful is that Fred Cole is healed, and “getting it done”…and finally when we head to UUA General Assembly in Columbus OH we will be joined by one of the largest groups from UUCB in recent years. It will be fun to have the following friendly faces among the crowd of 3-4 thousand. They are Beckett Coppola, Caitlin Moore, Deb Hoff, Emily Conger, Greta Seidohl, Ted Burnham, Tom Denkenberger, Will Kropp, and Fred and Moi. Oh, and don’t forget Pete and Kelly Dignan, and Diana McLean.

With Love & Care, Barb