Membership Matters by Barb Richards – September 2016

We honor members, friends, visitors.

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: Laurel Seppala-Etra’s sister-in-law Barb who had a heart attack the end of June. Former member, Strider Benston who had successful second neck surgery in June. Greta Seidohl’s friend, Christy, had a sudden diagnosis with aggressive breast cancer, & had to pull out of MLTS. Many members have expressed positive thoughts, prayers and concerns for the recent events in Florida, Baton Rouge just to name two. Unfortunately each week the list grows longer. Caitlin Moore had concern for UUBVF, as their Black Lives banner was stolen — since replaced with a new one with a picture and article in the Daily Camera. Hugh Matheson, long time UU at 1st Unitarian, Jefferson Unitarian, and UUCB died last month. He will be missed here, and at Fraiser Meadows where he was part of our UU enclave. Rebecca Struik, continues her recovery from recent surgery, also at Frasier Meadows. Happy to report that Kim Elderbrook is out of the hospital, and home recovering from a severe infection; he misses all of us, and especially singing in the choir. We were truly saddened by news of the sudden death of Justin Swonger (36) son of Steve and Heidi Todd. A memorial service was held at UUCB on August 25th.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to: Daphne Lewin who turned 92 on June 26! Last month Carol Saunders & Reed Bailey’s daughter Theone became officially engaged — 1st time! Truly a blessing. Ericka Hanson and Kevin McKernan were married on August 6th by her Father, our own Ralph Hanson. Nina Peterson was grateful to celebrate her mom’s 90th birthday with family last month. Shirley Bulla reports that she welcomed 16 family members for a week long reunion, just prior to Labor Day. Sadly we said goodbye to Kristyn Christman-McCarty and Hannah Jackson who left for Portland OR where Hannah has a tenured teaching position. First Unitarian Portland will be blessed with the beautiful music, and leadership skills we have enjoyed while they were members at UUCB. Rev. Dignan asked that if you are leaving us please let us know so we may “formally” say goodbye, and wish you well, on a Sunday morning. Emily Conger and Ted Burnham were married August 14th after several joyous pre-celebrations.
How do I begin to say Thank YOU to all of the incredible Hospitality Ministry Volunteers who have said YES when I have asked for Greeters, Ushers, Coffee set-up and Coffee clean-up people for the past 3 YEARS) (it hardly seems possible)?? I do not know the answer, but I will always be grateful to each and every one of YOU! As of September 15th, our newest employee, Abigail Highland, Membership Coordinator will be assuming that role with other important membership responsibilities. May you afford her the same kindness you have given me. Fred and I will still be greeting our new Guests/Visitors, at the old table; while Abigail will be behind the counter, welcoming returning Visitors. Another thanks goes to Whitney Wheeless and the Membership Council, who initiated and staff, our weekly Newcomer’s CafĂ©, which has proven very popular.

Random Thoughts: You may or may not recall that in February when Fred had his first surgery of 2016 (third of four) that there was something else going on in our lives. After seven months in Foster care, several trips to Colorado Springs for court appearances, having us and our home approved; we received placement of two grandchildren (Fred’s oldest son, David) on July 28th. They were removed from the home where they previously lived; with their mother and maternal grandparents, on December 7th. They are Alac Cole (16) and Sariah Cole (10), and we have welcomed them warmly — as have you who have already met them. As of this week Alac is at Fairview and Sariah is at Eisenhower. Quite a few years have passed since our last Back to School Night! Your concern, care, generosity, and support has been heartfelt and appreciated by Opa & Oma.

With Love & Care,