Membership Matters by Barb Richards

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:

Sally DuGar’s cousin Peggy who is recovering from open heart surgery.  Mark Thompson asked for a prayer for his friend Liz who had two surgeries within forty eight hours, at the end of October.  Ken, Yasko and Isaac Endo, former UUCB members, on the sudden loss of their son and brother, Yoshi.  His memorial service was held last month at UUCB, on Nov 19th.  Best wishes for Judy Furtney that her second knee replacement surgery will be as successful as her first.  Joy that Peter Ewing is recovering well from knee surgery.  Rev. Dignan and family on the loss of her cousin in Seattle, to Cancer.  A beautiful memorial, in Seattle, on Nov 12th.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:

On October 30, 2011, during our regular Sunday service — Caitlin Moore & Will Kropp got married, on our chancel.  We cheered for them in celebration of their five glorious years together!  Don & Ellen Lilley are elated to report the birth, last month, of a new great grandson, Caiden Sherman.  Nancy and Peter Holt also announce with joy, the arrival of their second grandchild, a little girl named Gemma, born last month in San Francisco, to their oldest son Greg and his wife Angie.  Mother and baby are doing well.  Little Gemma joins her two year old cousin Charlie who resides in Boston with their younger son Brian and wife Kelsy. Thanks to the leadership of our Climate Action Ministry and everyone in the congregation, we are now certified by the UUA as a Green sanctuary.  We celebrated last month with cake during Sunday Fellowship!

Special Welcome to New Members:

Carrie Cardona & Michael Harris, Jim Dimmick & Patricia Lowe, Ted Garrison & Melinda Roark, Christine Magnarella Ray & David Ray and their daughter Esther, and Ollie Tullos.  We are pleased that you have joined us at this exciting time in our journey.

Random Thoughts:

Political Analyst, Ana Navarro shared on election day, on CNN, that where she cast her ballot women were putting their “I voted “stickers on Susan B. Anthony’s (one of our Unitarian women) headstone.  

Interesting events that have happened to me (and the week is not over) while wearing my “safe pin” — as they are called in Britain.  We were in a school waiting for an appointment when a teacher walked by and said “Thank you for wearing that pin — I feel protected”.  Same building, a few moments later, the person with the appointment ahead of us said, “I love your pin!, but I can’t find them, anywhere in Boulder”.  Because  I had an extra one at home — I gave her mine, and she was very grateful.  Finally, the next day, as I left my PT appointment at the Boulder Med Center a former member was picking up a prescription.  We hugged, caught up, and she said “I like your pin”.  When I started to explain, she said that she understood.  This small gesture which Kelly introduced us to, on Nov. 13th, has already begun to spread.  I then told her how exciting things are at UUCB, and that we would love to see her and her family come back, and try us again.

With Love & Care,