Membership Matters by Barb Richards

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Laurel Seppala-Etra, and family on the death by suicide of her nephew Mark Joseph Seppala on December 3, 2016.  Susan Riederer’s mom Pat Shannon became suddenly seriously ill and was hospitalized on December 4th in KCMO.  Barbara Taylor reports that her knee surgery, last month, was successful.  Great news, she was in a brace for such a long time.


Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Barbara Molfese spent Thanksgiving day, in Massachusetts, celebrating her aunt Anna Erickson’s 98th birthday!  Sunday December 4th, was the Interfaith Day of Prayer at Ochatee Shakoween Camp in Standing Rock, ND.  Our own Greta Seidohl was there and invited us to pray with her:


“As we journey North on our pilgrimage to Standing Rock, I am struck by this land…

Vast and windblown.  Rich and open.  Stoic and raw.

Our prayer is to carry the spirit of the land in our hearts – open to listen to and learn

the vastness of beauty and justice, with the strength of a windblown prairie.

We pray for the land, the water, & the lives they have birthed – however shall

we repay them – the parents of us all.”


Catherine Marsh and I both, celebrated birthdays on December 4th.  I turned 80, and she is much younger. Thanks to everyone for sharing my surprise party of balloons and cake during Fellowship Hour in the Skyroom provided by my family!  Michael Gilmore, Rev. Dignan and Pete’s son graduated last month from CU with a Psychology major, and Community Leadership minor.  Rev. Dignan celebrated turning 53 last month as well.


Special Welcome to New Member:  Duncan Swenson became our newest member last month after being with us for awhile, and he has become one of our outstanding Sunday morning ushers after volunteering when I was still recruiting the hospitality positions.


screenshot-7Random Thoughts:  Imagine our surprise when Fred & I received an “In this season of Gratitude” card from Rev. Peter Morales, the UUA President!  It was not because he was saying thank you (as we always hear, following our donations to the UUA) but rather the package it arrived in.  From the return label, to the Thank You card, to the enclosed post card, asking to share with someone else; it featured a picture taken at UUCB.  The photo, taken by Henry Kroll, from inside the Sky Room — features our beautiful fall colors outside, and was taken through one of Jamie Shuey’s leaded glass, flaming chalices that hang in the window.  The bonus is that member, Susan Bailey is caught in profile, seated on the bench outside. There is no attribution, but if they had done that “…everybody would say “…why not us too?””  I take pleasure in knowing that it was UUCB –and that Peter or his staff picked us!!!


May we all look forward to a healthy and Happy 2017, and that everyone has returned safely from all your holiday travels, and that you remember what time both services start beginning January 8, 2017.


With Love & Care,