Membership Matters by Barb Richards

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Rev. Molfese received a belated Christmas card from Vic Barnard’s son and daughter-in-law in Florida, informing that Vic died on December 15th at age 93. Vic and wife Ruth (also deceased) were longtime very active members at UUCB.  Like many of us they were in church every Sunday unless they were out of town.  Ruth was one of our past Presidents. They were also active homeowners at Nyland Co-housing.  Marie Regan spent New Year’s eve in the ER, but is fully recovered, and back among us.  Lois Anderson also had an ER visit during the holidays, but is feeling better.  Pat Shannon, Susan Riederer’s mother, is home from the hospital, and feels she is ready to drive — the doctor and her children feel differently!  Nina Peterson’s cousin, John Tamulen, died suddenly on January 2nd.  Mary Dineen shared a memory of her nephew Justin, on the five year anniversary of him taking his life.  May we all continue to advocate and support those with mental illness.  We remembered the victims of the Fort Lauderdale shooting.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Suzy Belmont is sending love and a feeling of home to her sister Maureen and her fiance Brian who just bought their first house.

Susan and Paul Riederer have sold their Boulder home, and moved to Denver.  Because we see them on Sunday’s it does not really feel like they are gone.  Sad for us, but we are glad for them as they are very happy.

Random Thoughts:  If you like jazz, and I do, I was gifted with a CD from as I call him, Sam The Sexy Saxophone Man.  His CD is called Turn The Moon, and the cover artwork is also great.  I’m a lover of moons as well.  If you do not know him Sam Williams is the husband of Amanda Riggers, and one of the pieces is titled Amanda, a loving tribute.

If you have not checked it out — our newly decorated ADI/unisex bathroom is outstanding.  Our special thanks to Don Lilley, Phil Wittmeyer, and whomever else who had a hand in the incredible transformation.

Large thanks to Yon & Marie Regan for sharing Yon’s beautiful sculpture with us for as long as you did — I for one feel the loss every time I come to church.

and finally, I am pleased to announce the roll out of The LUUP with our first event to be held in Longmont (venue TBD) on Sunday, February 26th, 3-5 pm.  I along with Cole Hart and Caitlin Moore, are UUCB’s LUUP Steering Committee members.  For much more of an explanation see article elsewhere in the newsletter.

With Love & Care, Barb