Membership Matters by Barb Richards

We honor members, friends, visitors


Our Thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  The family, and UUA friends of Jim Key, who was our UUA Moderator, leading the UUA Board as well as presiding over the meetings at GA; who died on June 2nd of cancer.  He only resigned this position three weeks before his death.  Our first notice came from his Minister, at the UU Fellowship of Beaufort, SC.  With all the recent changes at UUA, this is just more problems to deal with for the General Assembly attendees.  Marie Regan’s parents are in poor health which makes it even harder as she and Yon are currently in France.  Wendy Collins, daughter of Daphne Lewin, and her family who live in England on the death of her mother.  Daphne was a long-time member of our church (joined in the 60s) community and much loved by many.  Rev. Dignan, and other members performed a beautiful Memorial Service on Sunday, June 11th following the specific instructions which Daphne had provided.  Melinda Roark reported that Ted Garrison’s surgery was successful and he is now recuperating at home with screws and a plate in his elbow.  Ted broke his arm in a bicycle accident last month, and we are happy to report that he was back in church on June 11th sporting a sling.  


Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Erty Seidohl arrived in New York on June 4th, after three days on the road, to start his new job.  He will be joined by Greta, in August after she completes her chaplaincy training, in Denver, this summer.  We will say goodbye to them, and to Beckett Coppola, on August 6th.  We LOVE our Young adults, but it is so hard to lose them, as their lives take them away from us, here at UUCB.  Tim & Tina Piwonka-Corle’s niece is getting married.  George Brandon & Mary Clough welcomed a new Grandson, Theo, on June 5th.  Lisa Dahlgren & David Maguire were blessed to be in Boulder visiting their daughter Laura Maguire, and her partner Jake Fish.  Cathy Edwards daughter Jennifer graduated from Edgewood College in Madison, WI.  As a committed UU, she plans to put her Pol. Comm. training to work for social justice.


Special Welcome to New Members:  Ray Knudson returns as a longtime, former member, and we are glad you are back!  We welcomed him, June 4th, along with Dan Thomas and Julie Tillman.  We are so glad you have chosen US!


Random Thoughts:  Last month the following people headed off to UUA General Assembly which this year is in New Orleans, LA.  The attending were Ted Burnham, Emily Conger, Fred Cole, Rev. Dignan, Sally DuGar, Will Kropp, Laura Maguire, Diana Maiden, Caitlin Moore, Karen Morgan, and yours truly.  You will hear from us on Sunday, August 13th, about the “…lessons learned…” at GA.  Stay tuned.


For those who have not heard; when we went to court on May 22nd — our Grandgirl, Sariah Cole (age 11), was returned to her Mother’s custody as of May 30th.  Her brother, Grandguy, Alac Cole (age 17) has chosen to remain with us here in Boulder.  After ten months it is quieter in our home, and we are sad that we lost our bid to keep her with us.  If anything changes, she probably will return to us — but for now we appreciate all of the love and support she received from the members and friends of UUCB.  ‘Tis true it takes a village, and you provided that to us.  Our thanks to all of you.


With Love & Care,