Membership Matters by Barb Richards – October 2016

We honor members, friends, visitors
Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Jenny Fitt-Pester is recovering quickly from minor shoulder surgery last month.  Kim Elderbrook had surgery last month for a pesky, painful on-going infection.  Kim, speedy recovery as we miss YOU, and your beautiful smile, and voice in the choir.  Sending you a BIG hug from me and everyone else.  Nina peterson asks for prayers for her mom.  John Russell continues to be wife Sunni’s caregiver, and he is also now on Warfarin which makes him just a “…poor warfarin’ stranger.”
Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Tessa & Alan Davis’s youngest daughter Laura and Langley Bowers were married in Vermont on August 29th at the summer camp where they met.  Tessa says “it was a wonderful, weekend-long celebration that reflected their creative and loving spirits”.  It’s true:  “When children find true love, parents find true joy!”  I am including a photo, which tells a wonderful story.  Laura’s dress (slightly altered) is the one Tessa’s mother wore in 1935, and that Tessa wore in 1971! Their second joy just a few days later was to get the news that her blood work showed NEC (No Evidence of Cancer)!   Caitlin O’Donnell the daughter of Mary Clough was married September 24th.  Janet Kern & George Wolf welcomed their first grandchild, Oliver Wolf Pennington on August 29th.  He weighed 5 lbs. 9 oz.  His mother is their daughter Jennifer Wolf, and our Carina Wolf is his proud aunt!  Oliver was born and lives in Chicago.
Special Welcome to New Members: Candy Dyer & Larry Dyer, “renewed” Babs Herrli & Gary Herrli, Bill Osher & Diane Thomas, Catherine Raveczky, Vince Orlando and their son Charles, Chris Taudvin, and Jayne Toman.  We are very pleased that you have joined us.
Random Thoughts:  Dear Rev. Dignan and the Members of UUCB,   Thank you so very much for the gratitude and thanks for my three years of serving you as staff, Volunteer Hospitality Coordinator.  I am forever grateful for everyone of your YESES when asked by me.  It was a joyful send-off returning me to a member among you.  I love my beautiful chalice necklace, by Betsy Brown, JUC member, and will wear it proudly, and feeling loved.  Fred and I will continue greeting visitors as they enter our doors for the first time hoping they will return again and again.  Again my special thanks.
With Love & Care, Barb