Membership Matters by Barbara Richards

barbara_richardsWe honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Rita Klees on the death of her Sister, Mary, who died last month.  The Hester’s have decided to not schedule visitors with Caring Bridge so please call for a time to visit.  Jim and Adrienne please know that we continue to send and care to both of you each week and individually every day on our own.  You are in our thoughts!  Becky Martin, Hilton and Jenny Fitt-Peaster on the one year anniversary of Mom’s (Martha) death on December 20th.  To the families of Tom Rickert and Midge Leigh on their deaths last month we are sorry for your losses.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Philip Ogren was the chalice lighter on December 20th.  His Brother Paul and family were visiting from Minnesota, and Paul said they were glad to be with Philip and Akane, also enjoying our Sunday service.  Rebekka Struik had a trip to San Francisco to visit Margo, her daughter.  She also visited friends and museums.  The trip was a birthday gift to Rebekka from Margo from December 12-16, and they celebrated her birthday on the 15th.  Nina Peterson congratulated her niece, Hannah, who received her nursing degree from UNC. Phil Wittmeyer’s birthday is January 11th, and he walked into UUCB that day seven years ago, and we are so glad he did.  He is the quiet man behind many important projects

Random Thoughts:  Personally for the Cole/Richards household the New Year seems to be filling up in January before it even arrives.  All of the information is not available at this time so stay turned for the February newsletter.  Meanwhile may 2016 be as exciting and action packed here at UUCB as 2015 has been.  Health and happiness to each and every one.

With Love & Care,