Membership Matters – December 2022

We honor members, friends, visitors
Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: 
  • Jeff & Debbie Davies as Jeff’s mom has had one major medical issue after another, and they are providing 24/7 care in her Denver home.
  • Janet Evans shared that Fuku & Lyle Murphy who were part of UUCB, years ago, and were living in Houston, TX.  Lyle died several years ago, and Fuku passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, November 12th.  Their children were daughter Rana, and son Hallett.  Bob & Janet visited Fuku in April when they were in the Houston area.
  • Artemis Sohrt, who now lives at Golden West, was in the hospital for several weeks with cancer, and a heart condition.  The heart problem seems ok now, and she is doing radiation for the cancer.
  • My college friend, and author of the poem written for Kendall’s memorial, Joanna Jennings a Durango UU, suffered the loss of a child on November 30th.  Her son, Hans (57) contracted botulism with severe lasting results in October.  Although unable to speak, using a alternative means of communication, he chose his time to request a DNR, thus ending his life in a Salt Lake City, ICU.
Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  
  • Dianne Ewing and her helpful crew who made our Thanksgiving Day special. We had an incredible turnout with 64 (largest turnout ever) people bringing and sharing a delicious meal of turkey and all the fixings.  The Skyroom was turned into a welcoming space in short order — and when our meal, and time together was done, bada bing, bada boom, the Skyroom was put back, ready for Sunday morning! This was the third time this month that good food & fellowship were celebrated. There was the First Friday Community Night, all ages potluck, and next the wonderful Italian dinner and Fabulous Feasts wrap-up on Nov 12th — also a huge success. Obviously we at UUCB are really grateful to be together again.
Special Welcome to New Members:  Marty Frick, Cynthia Langiois, Andy Downs and Alyse Stark who are joined UUCB on December 11, 2022.  All four were UU members elsewhere before joining us!  We are so pleased you have chosen us as your spiritual UU home.  We will also honor four other members who joined us during 2022, Laura Coleman, Anne Olsen, and Tanya & Douglas  Wojcik who have returned after ten years in Illinois!
Random Thoughts:  If ever you have thought about attending the annual UUA General Assembly I would suggest that this might be the year.  The UUA is contemplating going to every other year being online, which would begin in 2024.  They sent out the word and held an online vote.  I do not know the results, but in person is one of Fred’s and mine favorite things to do.  GA 2023 will be in Pittsburgh, PA which we are told has become a happening place to be.  This year we will be voting on a new UUA President.  Rev. Susan Fredricks Gray will be hard to replace as even through the pandemic she has led us well. After the holidays, Fred will begin sharing more info about what the UUA is doing, via articles in the Messenger. We would also refer you to the information that Allison Churnside shared at the end of November. 
If you were in the Skyroom enjoying fellowship on Sunday, November 27th you know that we had a struggling family that joined us, causing a “what-to-do” situation.  Since Rev. Schwartz was not in the building, with his excellent knowledge, it was up to us.  I did ask that the father put down his sign (asking for help) while we shared coffee and food, with them.  On Rev. David’s return, Irene Kirschenbaum our awesome new Membership Coordinator, got the clarification.  It turns out we have a firm Zero Solicitation Policy!  So, we handled things as they should be – offering them welcome and the hospitality of coffee hour, but setting the boundary on the solicitation effort (particularly the sign).  Now we all have the necessary information.  Unknowingly, trusting my gut instincts worked again, that Sunday.

Tis the time of year when I wish each of YOU and YOURS a joyful, safe, and healthy holiday season.  Enjoy your time, and return, refreshed to UUCB to start yet another exciting year, 2023.