Membership Matters – February 2023


We honor members, friends,visitors
Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  
  • Mary Pierce’s brother died January 2, 2023 as a result of a head injury, shoveling snow, slipped on the ice, and fell.
  • Henry Kroll’s cousin Leslye died on Christmas Eve.
  • Kate Leslie continues to struggle with long term COVID.
  • Cindy Schlosser asks for Hallah — that he may reunite with his family, hold his children and find safety with his wife and children soon.
  • Thinking of our members and friends living at Golden West following the announcement that the Assisted Living Unit is closing.
  • Long time member, Lynne Rummel died December 29, 2022 at age 83.  Her service will be February 25, 2023 at UUCB, 2 P.M.  It is a joy having Jack back with us on Sunday mornings.
  • Eliot Rowe has quickly healed after his chest surgery January 9, 2023 for the removal of the bar which was implanted three years ago. After that he was heading back to Case Western University standing straight and tall.
  • Neal McBurnett’s father, Roe David McBurnett Jr. (President of the Unitarian Church of Utica, NY in the 60’s).  He turned 99 in October, was   diagnosed with cancer in November, and passed away in December.  May he rest in peace.
  • Hilton Fitt-Peaster had unplanned gallbladder surgery on January 21, and was back home, soon after.
  • Jenny Fitt-Peaster is healing from cataract surgery which she had the week of January 16th.
  • Cynthia De Santos’s mother, Kathleen “K Mac” McGloughlin, has recently passed away.  She was a member of the Boulder community, and Cynthia would appreciate that we hold both of them close to our hearts.
  • We remembered the 10 people killed in Monterey Park, CA, and ten injured; while contining to be apalled by the scourge of gun violence afflicting this country.
Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:
  • Fred Cole shared with joy that his grandson gave him flowers, on his birthday! which was January 27, as he turned 84.
Random Thoughts:  Fred and Moi both appreciated the many Thank You cards we received via the mailman from UUCB’s Christmas Eve service.  That was so fun to do, and even better to receive.
If you, like Fred and Moi, have tried to donate funds to UUCB from your King Soopers purchases, and are unable to sign up — we now know the trick.  Our ID card/fob was from years ago (prior to KS starting this program).  After trying several suggestions from our KS Manager; we went ahead and filled out a new application (available at the Service Desk).  Took two days, and we were in, slicker than anything!  Now it is printed, right on our receipt, “Unitarian Universalist Church gets a percentage.” Finally, we are doing our part!
In 1956 when I was 19 my boyfriend’s mother took me for an abortion in Wichita KS.  It was in a back alley, the doctor was blind and the instrument was a coat hanger.  I survived, Fred would say, “hearty peasant stock”.  Later after turning 26, I married and had two healthy daughters.  Because of the recent overturn of Roe vs Wade — I want NO ONE to have my experience!
Many of us older UUs thought this fight was over 50 years ago — But it is not!
We prepared a better world for our daughters, and grandaughters, and now we must begin again, for our great grandchildren.
A Reproductive Rights Ministry is forming, please let Rev. Schwartz know if you are interested in joining, both women and men are welcome!
If you missed it, go back and listen to the end of Rev. Schwartz’s sermon January 22nd.
My good news is my 4cm (not 2cm, as I said before) mass on my kidney was a cyst, requiring no further follow-up!
LOVE & Chocolates are in the air!!💕💖💗🍪  Enjoy — If you do not receive any, treat yourself YOUR worth it!