MEMBERSHIP MATTERS We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Babs Herrli & Gary, her dearest one, who are thankful for our healing energy.  Her heart surgery in August went well, and her recovery follows the same path. Mary Dineen & Sue Masterson reported that son, Evan has recovered after being hit while on his bike coming home from work in the rain.  Not the call parents want to receive anytime. Emma Daley who had successful surgery last month. She was back for RE Teachers introductions on September 16th. Recently the Daily Camera identified the woman who died in the Lafayette house fire as Linda Radcliffe (76).  She was a longtime member in the past. To Jenny Fitt-Peaster recovering much slower than she likes from her knee replacement surgery. She’s made it to church twice so that is great progress. I feel she is doing better than she thinks she is! Last month Tessa & Alan Davis, Fred & Moi attended a September 22nd celebration of the life of Rev. Richard “Dick” Henry who was a minister at First Unitarian Society in Denver from 1957-1977.  He was Tessa, Alan and my first UU minister. I joined there in 1963.


Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Suzy Belmont’s brother Brendan & his partner are having a baby in March.  Her parents recently celebrated their wedding anniversary. Peter & Nancy Holt celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in August, and found it hard to believe that much time had passed.  Kate Weinstein has a new full-time job at CU in the Law Department, and could not be happier. Corbin Abbitt turned 8 years old on September 2nd. Bryant Moya celebrated his Golden 10th birthday last month at the church.  Those of us who attended enjoyed watching the celebration of Bryant, friends, family, a mechanical bull, pinata, music by disc jockey Neil DiMuccio, and great food and yummy desserts. Francesca & Peter Howell were pleased to share that daughter, Morgan has an awesome new job in San Francisco, and is just getting settled there.


Special Welcome to New Members:  Les Dweir, Sophia Garett, Vivian Ha, Christian and Luanne Macy, their children Nathaniel and Sierra, Nora Schlosser and Dana Udall.  We are very pleased you joined us on your faith journey.


Random Thoughts:  Rev. Dignan knocked another one out of the park on 9/18/19 Learning to see in the Dark sharing her incredible experience at a dinner in total darkness.  I had the pleasure of being raised with an older cousin who had a tumor at three, and was blind after it was removed.  At the time they said we gave him enough radiation to either kill him or the tumor. He went to the Kansas School for the Blind & Deaf in Kansas City, KS.  Because his farming family lived 250 miles away he came to KCMO, across the bridge, every weekend to be with us. Bill along with two other cousins who had polio and the loss of one of their arms were all raised to be very independent.  Bill and I used to play hide and seek and he always found me. It was not until years later that he shared the fact that all he had to do was hold his breath, and he could hear me breathing! One of the many things I learned growing up with Bill was for some reason when people are visually disabled that people feel if you talk REAL LOUD they will be able to see!  Go figure. I am very sad to report that my Co-Host for Sanctuary Events, Laurie Mazzola, is stepping aside.  I am very appreciative, and thankful for the team effort we accomplished for the last nine months. We hosted training, celebrations, and were on point when our other Boulder coalition members hosted monthly events.



In the next two weeks, please send your comments and questions to: Karen Morgan at (720-938-2304)  or Suzy Belmont at or (339) 788-1445