MEMBERSHIP MATTERS We honor members, friends, visitors Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with

John and Susan Lemp’s son died last month at the age of sixty. Beki Martin is grieving the loss of the 9th Grade trip. Pat & Bill Walters brother-in-law died last month.  Luanne Macy is living with fibromyalgia.


Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to: Beth & Ed Schmahl, they feel blessed to have celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on September 23rd. Steve & Heidi Todd celebrated their 30th anniversary last month. Susan Bailey’s father turned 96 on October 7th. John Cuddington’s father turned 95 on October 14th. Very LARGE thanks to all that came out for the work day last month. Kate & David Weinstein celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary last month. Michael McGonegal found out last month that he passed the Colorado State Bar which he took in July Kendall Richards started her new job back in banking last month. She will still help out at Safeway, so some of you will still see her there occasionally. The Boulder County Commissioners adopted the People’s Resolution.  


November 13th Deb Hoff will be starting a VISTA job with a non-profit food bank in Tacoma WA! It’s a year commitment, the work is co-coordinating and expanding 4 children’s programs (after school snacks, weekend backpacks, school vacations, and the summer). “I am excited to be in the Pacific northwest and plan to explore more of the region. I’ll be living lighter by putting most of my stuff in storage for the time being, and trading my 21 year old car for a used Prius.


But I will miss UUCB, which has been my bedrock foundation for the ten years I’ve been in Colorado. Much gratitude to this wonderful place where I have felt belonging with kindred folk – as I go forward into my next phase of life, this church and its people will always have a special place in my heart.  Thanks! Deb”


Special Welcome to New Members: Stacy Acquavella & children Aryiana, Nalya & Thaddeus Laney, Francesca Bini & Vanessa Stephan, Dave Coleman, Philip Nicholson & Keri Wray. We are so pleased that you have chosen our faith community for your spiritual home.


Random Thoughts: When Fred, Tessa & Alan Davis & I attended Rev. Henry’s life celebration at 1st Unitarian Society of Denver we left with extreme “Kitchen and Bathroom envy”! They have just completed a total church remodel, which is “awesome”. As Rev. Mike Moran told us… “It is amazing what can be done with $1.6 Million. We need to start saving our monies for a someday capital fund drive.


Recently when Abby & Amy were getting ready to have their office “beautifully” painted they were sorting as they went. One of the “found” items was an old membership directory which created excitement from Kelly and I. That is, until we called in Fred to look, and he said… “No not the missing one — this is the one which came next.”  Enough time has passed that I would hope it would come back while we are still around to celebrate it’s return. No questions asked, no penalties, anonymous is welcomed, and if it was destroyed — that is sad, but letting the church know, would be helpful so we can stop hoping, and it would bring closure!!! It is a sacred part of our history that is missing. Fred and I both remember the missing book as having a dark green cover.


With Love & Care, Barb