MEMBERSHIP MATTERS We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Family and friends of former member Peg Goldberg who died July 13th in Boulder.  Chris Zanoni’s “brother”, Bill Platt, of my “second family” back in Pennsylvania recently diagnosed with very aggressive form of lung cancer who then died the same month.  Prayers for whole family.  Our friends at Trader Joe’s who generously donate the beautiful flowers you see every week are in our thoughts (violence/hostage taking last month in California resulting in one employee death).  Rosemary Lohndorf’s dear friend Connie who just was diagnosed with cancer.  Suzy Belmont’s friend Anna has been having ongoing health issues and now having an echo for a heart murmur.  She’s also kicking off her literary career which is so exciting.  Please send her all the love.  Suzy’s stepdad Steve had his ablation surgery and so far his heart is in good shape.  Please continue sending healing thoughts.  To family and friends of Shirley Bulla, a fifty year member, who died peacefully Sunday morning, August 5th.  The celebration of her life will be here at UUCB on September 2nd after church with Rev. Kelly Dignan officiating.  Autumn Barr and Doug Barr’s sister Patricia Harpstrite because of his death on August 7th.  Rev. Dignan presided at a grave side service followed by a breakfast of french toast at his home in Louisville.  He planned it all (including the french toast) and did it his way through the quick, but peaceful end.  Steve and Heidi Todd marked the 2nd anniversary of the passing of their beloved son Justin, on Aug 19th.  Hilton Fitt-Peaster reports that Jenny’s left knee replacement surgery last month, was successful, and now she is recovering at home with a great caretaker.  


Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Doug Barr, longtime former member was our chalice lighter on July 29th.  He shared his story that he was diagnosed with a brain tumor on May 17th and was choosing to not do any treatments.  He closed with a song he learned at Boy Scout camp, and we sang with him.  Beth & Ed Schmahl are happy because of daughter Katie’s marriage last month in Maryland.  We had a great celebration for Ingrid Encalada Latorre’s 35th birthday on July 28th.  Sophie Hughes came to say goodbye last month and receive hugs before heading off to CSU to start her college life.  She was a great Youth Worship Leader.  Tessa & Alan Davis joyfully thanked UUCB members for all the love & support during her nine months of cancer treatments  which included both chemo and radiation.  The best results possible are three words — NO MORE CANCER!  Longtime member Lee Redfield who, celebrated her 93rd birthday on Aug 18th, at home in Longmont.


Random Thoughts:  Something has been brought to my attention, that I feel strongly about.  I have learned that there are some among us, who feel it is only important to come to church when Rev. Dignan is in the pulpit.  When she is not in our pulpit, she is either getting some much deserved R&R to rejuvenate, and return energized to us — and/or she is attending to other important church business.  


During these times she never leaves us without calling on the brightest, and best speakers available.  Most are also ministers, serving other communities, or ministerial students preparing their craft.  We had the pleasure of hearing Christopher Walker Lamb, before he was selected to be our Intern.  Rev. Randy Spaulding, who was in the pulpit while we were at UUA General Assembly in Kansas City (we heard he was great).  Rev. Amy Rowland who was our Minister in Residence for a year; and Rev. Ruth Rinehart; just to name a few.  Diversity in thoughts and ideas is just as important to the health of this faith community, as the participation of all ages, or the sharing of our talented musicians!  When you stay home you miss out on some really good stuff.  The saying “you snooze you lose” just might apply.

With Love & Care, Barb