Membership Matters by Barb Richards – July 2016

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: Kay Stevens is relieved that her son is OK. Both his house and workplace are only blocks away from the shooting in Bethesda. For the patients at Centennial Peaks Mental Health we offered prayers for good health, balance, and the hope; that they have NOT lost, but merely misplaced.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to: Eileen Sammells on the arrival of Granddaughter, Elizabeth Rose Sammells last month. Judy Ludwig-Keller and Dean Gaar went to New Mexico to see their newest grandchild. Becky Martin shared that Jenny Fitt-Peaster was square dancing the weekend of Mother’s Day but, she is still my mentor, and my mom. Her love and support have given me roots and wings. Nina Peterson is grateful for a new job and a wonderful trip to Paris, where she shared time with her children. Frank Haskett who celebrated his 50th birthday last month. Beckett Coppola completed her Thesis for a Masters of Divinity at Naropa. She starts an internship at St. Anthony North later this summer. Betty Skipp received (in absentia) the Uuno M. Shenehin Excellence in Geologic Mapping Award, on May 14th during graduation ceremonies at Montana Tech in Butte Montana. It was a labor of love, she says. We are surrounded with the recent wedding joys of Akane Orlandella & Phillip Ogren; Gen Morley & Jason English; and Caroline Scheevel & Ryan Skinner!

Andrew Lydic & Eliot Rowe have completed their church school year in our UU Coming of Age Program done jointly with BVUUF. Andrew Lydic, Fox Martin, Eliot & Miles Rowe were honored for their successes in the Boy Scout Program. The Boy Scouts have a renewed relationship with UUA (see article in the latest UUWorld). Barbara Molfese left last month flying to MA, then to Amsterdam, and then to the UK. Her only brother, Roger, is retiring from the University of Amsterdam, and he and his wife are buying their parents’ home, near Boston. She and Roger returned together, it was a big family time! Tessa Davis received word on her birthday that her CT Scan is clear!! To anyone who did coffee clean-up on May 15th I say BIG thanks — as I was in the Path to Membership Class; planning to do the job afterwards. A pleasant surprise.

Special Welcome to New Members: Matthew Ball & Nicole Ball, Miles Corkern & Jennifer Sullivan, Hannah Cuviello, Kim Elderbrook, Cole Hart, Robin Miller, Marie & Yon Regan, and Caroline Scheevel.

We are grateful that you have joined us on our journey.

Random Thoughts: My first thought is that I am truly thankful that this month’s Joys and Congratulations…, are so much longer than the Our Thoughts are With…, part of this column! The next item that is making me feel joyful is that Fred Cole is healed, and “getting it done”…and finally when we head to UUA General Assembly in Columbus OH we will be joined by one of the largest groups from UUCB in recent years. It will be fun to have the following friendly faces among the crowd of 3-4 thousand. They are Beckett Coppola, Caitlin Moore, Deb Hoff, Emily Conger, Greta Seidohl, Ted Burnham, Tom Denkenberger, Will Kropp, and Fred and Moi. Oh, and don’t forget Pete and Kelly Dignan, and Diana McLean.

With Love & Care, Barb