Membership Matters – June 2022

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: 

  • Suzanne Harbauer Lee is recovering at home, after recent heart surgery.
  • Nicole deLorimier had a full left knee replaced on May 16th, and is recovering well.
  • Gene Arnn and family on the sudden death of Linda Tharp Arnn, from a stroke, on May 20. Her kindness, intellect, and creativity will be missed by all of us.  A Celebration of her life will be held on Saturday, June 11, @ 1:30 pm
  • Henry Kroll’s friend Julie Pastorino’s daughter 61 year old Dee Dee died Saturday, May 28th in hospice after her life long struggles with developmental challenges and kidney disease.  Julie was very helpful with companion care for Henry’s late wife Jean Kroll during her decade living with Alzheimer’s which ended in 2019  with her death at Manor Care in Boulder.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:

  • “May 2, 2022 — We have arrived at our Nova Scotia home after driving 2600 miles and visiting our son, our siblings, and some old friends along the way.  What a trip, and how happy we are to be here!  Special thanks to the audio/visual group for keeping UUCB online each Sunday, so we can stay connected. ….and to you, Barb for all the news.  Till November,  Nancy and Bud Spears”
  • Finally Two Great, good news items:  for Lisa & David Hughes and family.  They closed on their new home, in Erie, on April 28th, and moved in that weekend!
  • Sophie Hughes, oldest daughter of Lisa and David, who grew up in this church, graduated Magna Cum Laude from Colorado State University on May 15th.  She’ll be working teaching 2 and 3 years old’s at a preschool in Fort Collins after graduation.  All of her volunteer work in Religious Education, here at UUCB,  helped form her future!  Another reason to say Yes, when asked to volunteer!

Special Welcome to New Members:  

Laura Coleman, a UU from Memphis, TN, who found the Senior Salon, via Zoom upon her arrival in Colorado — long before ever coming through our doors — as well as to; Anne Olsen, and Tanya & Douglas Wojick who signed the book on May 22nd.    We are so pleased that you have chosen/rechosen, UUCB as your spiritual home.

Random Thoughts:  

Tanya and Douglas are back living in Estes Park.  Tanya & Douglas first joined UUCB in 2004, before moving to Chicago to care for her father, about 15 years ago.  They are the couple I told you about before who drove here for a weekend, just to help us with our playground build!  Also, when we were a bit “easier” about procedures (pre-LDC) Tanya volunteered to fill an opening on the Board, at her 1st Annual Meeting.  She will be appointed our next Treasurer, when the 2022-23 Board convenes.  Many, many thanks to Burton Lee, who has so ably served UUCB for the past several years!

Fred and Moi are finally heading off to UUA General Assembly in Portland OR from June 20-27.  The past two years have been via Zoom, and not as enjoyable since we have been volunteers for 23 years for me, and 22 for Fred (includes his 4 years on the GA Planning Committee).  Rev. Gretchen Haley, minister at Foothills UU Church in Fort Collins, will be giving the Sunday Morning Service sermon which is an important honor.  Gretchen was our intern so we are extremely proud of her accomplishments!

This year, the members from UUCB that are attending, in person (Janet & Bob Evans, Toni Piwonka, Scharmin Dorostkar, Barb & Fred) are invited to a reception, honoring “…the 50 most generous congregations…” contributing to the UUA’s Annual Program Fund, during 2021!

ENJOY a safe and healthy summer, and do not forget to “Play”, as Rev Teri Schwartz so beautifully shared with us on Sunday, May 29th.  We will be open all summer, but with only a single service @ 10:00!

Before Rev. Dana Lightsey left for her well deserved Sabbatical; she left behind a plan for an awesome RE program/experience for younger attendees.  She will return in August, refreshed and ready for a new church year!  Throughout this summer, and beyond do not forget to offer UUCB’s brand of “Radical Hospitality” as we welcome all of the many visitors and “church shoppers”, who will be joining us, this summer!
It takes ALL of us to make this happen.


P.S.  We have a garage door opener, and a key in the office — are you missing these items?  Temporary “Office Volunteers” Fred & Barb