Membership Matters – May 2022

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: 

  • Larry Metzroth who had spinal surgery on April 4th.  He is on a BLT (no bending, lifting, and twisting) regimen, but because he is pain free, and doing so well, he is having trouble remembering the rules.  He was back in church the Sunday, after his Monday surgery!
  • Jeff and Debbie Davies as they look for a new living situation for his mother.  She fell, in her home, just after the recent death of Jeff’s father.  Currently they are the caregivers.
  • We note the tragic death of Wynne Bruce on the steps of the Supreme Court.  Wynne was a member of UUCB beginning in 2004, and is remembered as an excellent photographer.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:

  • Well, you can NOT keep a good man down — Greg Klassen was travelling, on his “trike”, to spend the night with friends in Golden.  His leg seized up offering no support, and he ended up in the ditch.  After a scary couple of weeks, he was back in church with that infectious smile of his, on  April 24!
  • Gary & Babs Herrli are blessed with the birth of a grandson in San Jose, CA.  Sylvan Ori Herrli was born April 12, 2022 weighing 7 lbs 5 oz, and 21 inches long.  Grandmother Babs was there to care for big sister, and to welcome mother & baby home.
  • Thanks to the great job by Rev. Teri Schwartz of presenting the story of the UUA Living Tradition plate donation at Rev. David Schwartz’s Installation the collection totaled over $3000!
  • Sunday, April 3, 2022 was a Red Letter Day from start to finish.  Rev. Kelly Dignan joined Rev. David Schwartz for our two morning service’s “look back”, at where we have been; followed by his awesome Installation, in the afternoon.  This was a “look forward” towards what we will become with our newly settled minister!  Both the 11:00 am service, and the Installation can be seen on the YouTube channel, if you missed either event.  Both of these events were about as “High Church” as UUS can get — in Fred’s, and my opinions!

Random Thoughts:  

FYI you will notice that this is the shortest Membership Matters column, I have ever turned in.  During the pandemic, I was able to receive a copy of the Zoom Chat file, from the Sunday service, so I could share your blessings and concerns.  Since we converted to the YouTube channel, I am no longer able to see your “on-line” blessings and concerns, because Fred and I are back in Church.  My other source for member, and friends news is the Blessings & Concerns sheet, which is placed, on the table, outside the Earth Room every Sunday.  We will try to have it available for both the 9:00 and 11:00 am services, for your convenience.  As we are coming back, I know we are a bit out-of-practice, with some of our old routines — at least, I know I am!  PLEASE tell us about the important events in your lives — either via the Blessings & Concerns sheet, or you can always send your info to me, at my newer email address.  If you had something you wished to share, from the past times, even if is not current — please let me/us know.  Nothing is ever shared without your permission!  Thank you.