Membership Matters – September 2022

We honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with: 

  • Our beloved first and former Interim minister, Rev. Stan Stefancic, who is living with kidney failure. He and wife, Marianne, reside in San Rafael, CA where he receives nightly dialysis, at home, while he sleeps. He was building up his strength working out in a neighbors garage, two weeks ago, when he got
    blood clots and was hospitalized for a week. They do not know what caused the clots. His spirits are good, and he phoned before Kendall’s Celebration, to give us their love, and update us on his health. His beautiful words were part of the service read by Rev. David Schwartz.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings and Thanks to: 

  • Babs and Gary Herrli had a visit from son Graham, his wife Ricki and their two grandchildren Kestrd and Sylvan.  Their family also resides in CA.


Random Thoughts:  PLEASE share your news otherwise you have to hear ours ’cause that’s all I’ve got!…Barb
  • “Barbara and I are so incredibly blessed by this community!  The outpouring of love and caring toward us has been truly amazing.” …Fred Cole
    You know the saying “Thanks hardly does it justice…”, but in this case I want you to know about the help we received to celebrate our daughter, Kendall B. Richards 8/20/67-7/8/2022, after her stroke:
    • Starting with Whitney Wheeless, Jim & Eliot Rowe, plus Jim’s parents Mary & John Rowe who had us over for dinner, and then we created the “flyer”.
    • To Babs Herrli & Gene Arnn who set up the Sky Room for our reception.
    • Later Whitney, Jim & Eliot, along with Deborah Berioli created the slide show and music.
    • The AV team headed up by Michael Dryburgh provided a seamless stream that was enjoyed across the country. We have been hearing nothing but compliments.
    • To Hannah Cuviello and Carmen Sandim for proving the beautiful live music.
    • Our greeters and ushers, Susan Bailey, Chris and Tom Zanoni.
    • Rev. Schwartz who pulled all the pieces together providing spiritual care, and creating an awesome celebration.
    • To Sam Henderson who printed the order of service.
    • To the planned speakers, and those who shared at the “open mike”
    • Beth Schmahl, Mary Pierce, Grandson Alac Cole, Ellen Snyder and Henry Kroll who stayed to the very end.
    • And finally to the clean-up crew who were Totally appreciated — Barbara Molfese,
    At the Sunday service the next morning a member said, “I didn’t know Kendall, but now I love her!”
    Her 55 years made a difference, and we as UU’s know how to celebrate a person’s life, in the best way possible — with stories and joy.