Minister Emeritus: Reverend Howell Lind – Postponed

In both the March and April 2019 Clear Light Messenger, was an article in which we tried to explain our rationale for advancing Rev. Howell Lind’s name for consideration as a Minister Emeritus of UUCB.  We undertook this task, not as a “spur of the moment” idea; but rather after careful consideration, and consultation with the Board of Trustees. This proposal was originally advanced during the 2017-2018 church term. At that time, due to the difficulties surrounding the loss of Active Boulder Kids, and the evolving challenges of Sanctuary Now!; we were asked, by the Board, to defer into this church year. It was with the advice and council of this year’s Board, that we brought this proposal forward to the Congregation, in March.

In this article, we attempted to define the meaning of Emeritus, and the application of this honor to Rev. Lind, in recognition of his service and the accomplishments of this Congregation (made together) during his seven year tenure at UUCB. His influence prepared us to become the truly, dynamic, and vibrant community we are today. At the end of the article, we invited all interested individuals to join us for a series of monthly “listening/feedback sessions” designed to widen your/our awareness and perspective. Ironically, our first session in March, was held just days before Rev. Kelly Dignan announced her resignation.

In light of this development, and the limited feedback we have received (much of it critical of the process we were attempting to follow, as well as previous Emeritus/Emeriti designations) we have concluded that the best interests of the Congregation are served by a request to the Board; for removal of the Resolution on Emeritus from the agenda of the June 2, 2019 Congregational Meeting.

We continue to believe that our proposal has merit, and that there are many voices within the Congregation that have not yet been heard on this subject.  We also believe that this action properly falls within the governance prerogatives of the Board of Trustees. Therefore, we further request that this Proposal remain an “item of business” for the Board; and that they address procedures for answering the criticisms we have received.

In this way, our community can fully concentrate our energies on giving Rev. Dignan a deserved — and enthusiastic send off!

Respectfully: Barb Richards, Caitlin Moore, Fred Cole, Jim Rowe