Ministerial Search Committee – February Update


Your Search Committee is busily preparing for pre-candidating weekends in March with a small, select group of ministers. Due to the pandemic, these times of mutual discernment will be held virtually. The weekends include additional interviews, tours of the congregational facilities, tours of the area, neutral pulpit services, and meals and social time with spouses. It is all very exciting!


National Search Demographics

For your information, the UUA’s Transitions Office has compiled national demographics for this year’s settled searches, as of January 21, 2021:


Overall Pool

Ministers in the settled search 63

Congregations in settled search 21

The three ministers to one congregation ratio is the highest ratio of ministers to congregations in the last decade; the lowest was 1.3 to 1 and a typical year is around 2 to 1.



Female/Cisgender Female/Woman 35 (55.6%)

Male/Cisgender Male/Man 22 (34.9%)

Nonbinary/Gender Fluid 5 (7.9%)

Blank/No Answer 1



White/European/European American/Various European Ancestries 57 (90.5%)

Multi-Racial Identity 4 (6.3%)

Black/Indigenous/Person of Color 2 (3.2%)

One person with a multi-racial identity did not identify as a person of color.


Sexual Orientation

Bisexual 2 (3.2%)

Gay 5 (7.9%)

Heterosexual/Straight 38 (60.3%)

Lesbian 3 (4.8%)

Queer/Pansexual/(Not BGHL) 12 (19.0%)

Did not identify 3 (4.8%)


Disability/Mental Health/Health Concerns

Have a disability/mental health concern 13 (20.6%)

Did not list or said no concern 50 (79.4%)


Ministerial Experience

New to Ministry 19 (30.2%)

One Ministry (interim/contract/assistant/developmental/settled) 31 (49.2%)

Multiple Ministries 13 (20.6%)


Please contact the Ministerial Search Committee with requests or questions at:

In faith,

Billie Abbitt, Nicole Ball, Mary Clough, Cathy Edwards (Chair), Will Kropp, Pam Leland, and Laura Maguire