During the month of February we will be Sharing Our Plate with Interfaith Network on Mental Illness!

The Interfaith Network on Mental Illness (INMI) is a non-profit based in Boulder dedicated to educating our community about the importance of spirituality as one of the resources for recovery in mental illness. Since 2007, we have held two educational community free programs every year. We bring in outstanding speakers, encourage Spiritual Support Groups, maintain our website and resources, develop our brochure and communications, and join with other local non-profit mental organizations to offer needed mental health education and support.


Month Theme Organization Liaison
July   None  
August   None  
September   Expectation   Growing Gardens  Sharon Belew
October Belonging Out Boulder
November Attention Planned Parenthood  Don & Ellen Lilley
December Awe None   
January Integrity EcoCycle  Susan Secord
February Resilience Interfaith Network on Mental Illness (INMI)  Keri Wray
March Wisdom Cultivate (formerly CareConnect)  Barbara Molfese
April Liberation SPAN  Mary Dineen
May Thresholds None  
June Play Meals on Wheels  Carol Saunders