Music Maker’s Mix – A Blog Post By Music Director, Debra Hammond

These past two weeks have opened up the opportunity for our Chancel Choir singers to add their voices to our special music for this coming Sunday!  Using a free downloadable recording program (Audacity), I recorded four separate vocal tracks, one for each melody of the song.  Respectively, each singer added their individual track by recording their voice while singing along with me. Individual files were then emailed back. Michael Dryburgh combined and mixed them together, allowing us the chance to sing as one!
“Life Is” by Annie Zylstra
Mary Clough, Jannet Ruppert, Laura Maquire, Michael Dryburgh and myself come together on this beautiful piece.
     This life is an act of learning how to be ever returning to the living stream of all is well.
     This life, return, come on home, all is well.
     This life is learning, ever returning, all is well.
We offer these words as a collective musical whole, even from our own homes miles apart, that we will indeed return to the “living stream of all is well”.
Be well – keep singing!!