My dear friends,

As I think of you throughout my day, I keep wondering how you are doing?  We are being challenged on so many levels right now sometimes it is hard just to think, much less think clearly.  These are unprecedented times. It’s okay to allow yourself to freak out a bit here and there.  


I ask you, please be kind to yourself, especially when you find that wall of overwhelm bearing down on you.  This is not normal and we are all adapting the best we can. And, we need time and interaction to process all of this and reinvent ourselves in this rapidly changing situation.  So please join online events, meditations, and conversations, with your UUCB community. Now is the time for spiritual practices to support your well-being and help you return to your center, a place of calm abiding, even in the midst of crisis.


And, consider your ancestors and the difficulties and challenges they faced everyday and throughout their lifetimes.  We are not used to this, but the truth is we are made for this. It may not be what we want, but we can handle it and help each other along the way.  In my lifetime, we have rarely been tested to this degree. But,have hope, my friends. Together, we have within us the tenacity and wisdom to do what needs to be done.


In addition to the concerns for ourselves and how to keep ourselves and family safe, healthy, well-fed, and comfortable, there are the worries and grief about those who are suffering deeply and dying from the impact of this virus.


This is real and it is okay to let your heart break.  If there is something you can do, without endangering yourself, then please do it.  If you can’t do anything, then please take a moment and send love and compassion to those who are suffering.  Does it make a difference? It will make a difference within you.  


This crisis is a cross-roads within each of us and for our country and the world.  The choice is between softening or hardening our hearts.  


Thinking of others and opening your heart to them and their suffering brings powerful change.  Who knows what the eventual impact of that will be? We were made for this, too.


We find ourselves in an imposed, great pause, a space to reflect, re-evaluate, and reconsider our own lives and life on this planet.  There are insights waiting for us to unpack during this time. Perhaps you are pondering the great, perennial questions of life more than usual right now.  Let this be an invitation to wake up to life as it is rarely experienced.  


And most importantly, remember, you are not alone.  We are each other’s hope and we will journey through this together, always on the path of love.  See you online.


Always love,

Rev. Dana


Rev. Dana’s *Revised* Online Schedule

I am refining and adjusting my schedule this week.  Please note the changes in times for meditation, Zoom Trainings, and Office Hours.


Mondays – Day Off

I am generally away from contact and will probably not respond to communications until Tuesday.



10 – 10:30 am: Meditation

3 – 5pm: Office Hours



9 – 9:30 am: Meditation 

6:30 – 7pm: A UU Moment



10 – 10:30 am: Meditation

3 – 5pm: Office Hours



10 – 10:30 am: Meditation

6 – 8 pm: Community Nights


Sunday Mornings

9:15 – 10:10 am: Family Ministry – Preschool and Elementary

10:30 – 11:30 am:  Sunday Morning Worship


Using Zoom Online Conferencing 

  • You do not need to sign up for your own account with Zoom in order to use it.  The first time you use it, you will need to download some information so your computer can communicate with Zoom.  
  • You can join Zoom meetings even if you do not have a camera on your computer.
  • You can call in to a Zoom meeting using phone only, or using a computer for visual and phone for audio.
  • Need help?  Visit Rev. Dana’s Zoom Room during her Office Hours or give her a call during her Office Hours.  


Scheduling UUCB Zoom Meetings

  • Church groups are encouraged to use UUCB’s Pro Zoom account.  
  • With our Pro account, groups do not have time limits (as on the free Zoom accounts).  
  • Please contact our Office Administrator, Amy Szen to schedule a meeting using UUCB’s Pro Account.  
  • Please contact Rev. Dana or another staff member for help using Zoom, if needed.


Morning Meditations

Please join me on Tuesdays Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays for a half-hour guided meditation as we intentionally enter our days with ease and calm.  

  • Tuesdays – 10 am
  • Wednesdays – 9 am
  • Thursdays – 10 am 
  • Fridays – 10 am

Zoom Link:  OR click on the button below.


Sunday Morning Classes

This week, we will check in with each other to hear how life is going, play more games, list to a story about our monthly theme of Wisdom, and maybe even do a craft together!  Come join us at 9:15 am. We will have a breakout room for Preschool, and maybe K-2, and 3-5. 


Click on this link: or click on the button below.


Send me an email if you have questions, suggestions, or would like to help: