New Banner Proposal

We are proposing a replacement for our weather worn Black Lives Banner. We’d like to replace the banner with the new UUA colorful and all inclusive sign shown below:


We think that this new sign not only demonstrates our support for “Black Lives Matter” it is even more inclusive and reflects our values as UUCB including highlighting that we have a sanctuary guest who is included in the line, “No human being is illegal”.


Other issues important to our congregation are reflected here that speak to ALL of our 7 principles; especially our call to build a just and beloved community.


This change does not require a congregational vote, however we want to inform the congregation of our plan. We are interested in your comments and questions so that we can organize conversation circles about the content of the banner. It is important that our values within are reflected in what we publish outside the church AND that an external banner is a reflection of our congregation.  Look for a table in the Sky Room. Sept. 30 and Oct. 7.


In the next two weeks, please send your comments and questions to: Karen Morgan at (720-938-2304)  or Suzy Belmont at or (339) 788-1445